Warby Parker Upper East Side

Warby Parker is one of my favorite brands, for a few reasons. First and foremost, I love the whole vibe and aesthetic of their stores, their website, and their products. The glasses they offer are current, modern, and just exactly the kind that I’m interested in wearing – and for an astonishingly good price (if you’ve ever bought glasses anywhere else, you understand what I’m talking about. ASTRONOMICAL prices). I wear my Fitz glasses in Walnut Tortoise every single day to work, because I think they’re great-looking and they’re comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Another thing I love about the brand: they do a lot of great work with different organizations, including providing a pair of glasses to those in developing countries for every pair sold. Today I have a few (well, more than a few) pictures to share that I took in their Upper East Side store. It’s just as great looking and charming as their glasses are, so I hope you’ll join me for a little tour:

The Honor Bar is on the top floor of the UES store, and it’s such a great concept. You can help yourself to a little piece of candy or a Warby pencil or eraser, and though you’re not obligated to pay, you totally should because the money you donate in exchange for your treat is passed on to 826 National, a nonprofit organization that helps young students improve their reading and creative writing skills. See more about Warby’s collaboration with 826 at the end of this post!

Warby Parker has recently gone the extra mile to support 826 National by creating two special, limited-edition pairs of glasses in honor of the nonprofit. They’re called Kidd, and there’s an NYC version (optical glasses), and an LA version (sunglasses) – since 826 has branches in both cities. Warby also sponsored two books full of work created by students in the 826 program, which are available at Warby Parker NYC and LA retail stores with proceeds from the book purchases going straight back to 826 National. You can shop the Kidd and read more about the collaboration here!

I have to say, it really feels good to see a brand that’s stylistically so pleasing, that puts out a great product at a great price, and that supports nonprofits and donates products to those in need. The perfect trifecta, I’d say. 
I had too many pictures to fit in one post so be sure to check back tomorrow for Part II! There’s another whole floor of the store to see and I think you’ll all love it. See you tomorrow! 

photos by me

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  1. Alex wrote:

    You're on the mark. I, for one, love this post. I have always heard good things about this brand but now that I hear about their buy one give one policy, I'm sold. That location is a gem, and the Honor Bar is a great concept.

    Published 10.22.14 · Reply
  2. Alex wrote:

    I have a pair of WP's and I can't get enough of them. Just last night I was looking at another pair in navy but I want to wait to go to the store in person!

    Published 10.22.14 · Reply
    • Aren't they the best? I'm in the same boat, love my current pair but ready for another I think (or maybe sunglasses!) xoxo

      Published 10.23.14 · Reply
  3. Kori wrote:

    I have the Fitz too but in Whiskey Tortoise Shell… I adore my glasses and find myself wearing my contacts less and my glasses more.

    Published 10.24.14 · Reply
  4. HEY! They named a pair of eye glasses after me! I'm definitely checking this store out!

    Published 11.8.14 · Reply