Warby Parker Upper East Side: Part II

As promised, it’s Part II of my trip to Warby Parker’s Upper East Side retail store (in case you missed it, here’s Part I.). It feels so good when a great store comes to the ‘hood, I have to admit! I wanted to mention another thing that I think is awesome about the glasses company, in case you weren’t aware: Warby Parker has the very cool home try-on program. Here’s how it works: you order five pairs of glasses (or sunglasses), that you like from the site. They mail them to you free of charge. You have five days to try them out and see which you like (and which your friends like on you!). You then mail them back (again free of charge), and order the pair that you like from the site. I did it back when I was picking my glasses, and it worked perfectly! I wound up with a pair that I loved, and it was all risk-free. I definitely recommend it. Now back to the Upper East Side store: 

What do you guys think of these clear frames? I think they’re awesome and I’m dying to go back in and try them on. 

Heading downstairs now (I like to work backwards):

My next pair of sunglasses will for sure be from Warby…I’m liking the Thatchers right there! Such a good tortoiseshell pattern. 

Warby Parker Upper East Side
1209 Lexington Avenue (corner of 82nd Street)
Open Monday-Saturday 10AM-8PM
Sunday 11AM-7PM

photos by me

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  1. Ali wrote:

    I passed this the other day when I was up there. So cute! I want to go in and try on glasses. Feel like I need more of a cat eye version.

    Published 10.23.14 · Reply
  2. Leslie wrote:

    What an amazing place! I love the curved bookcases.

    Published 10.23.14 · Reply
  3. Nikki wrote:

    What an awesome shop! I love how quirky and cool it is. And love all of the books too! How much fun to try on all of those glasses there!


    Published 10.23.14 · Reply
  4. Randy wrote:

    Ugly makeover of a beautiful piece of NY. Building looks bland and lacks personality. The WP might be a good fit for the area but not enough thought went into preserving the exterior. This could pass as steakhouse (yuck).

    Published 3.17.20 · Reply