Toby's Estate Coffee in the Flatiron District

There are few things I love more than an independent coffee shop with a charming interior and a great selection of drinks and pastries. Toby’s Estate in Flatiron has all of that in spades, but really takes it to the next level by providing not only amazing coffee in a gorgeous interior, but also doughnuts from Doughnut Plant (my love of which has not waned in the years since writing this post), along with friendly service and easy access to a little shopping in the form of the adjacent Strand outpost, leading all too easily into the Club Monaco flagship (which I wrote a bit about here). It’s a three-for-one! However, this little coffee shop has a charm that stands all on its own. Toby’s Flatiron is the perfect place to spend a quiet Sunday morning perusing the Style section of the Times while enjoying a warm latte and tasty treat, as I did yesterday. Read on to check out all of my pictures of this fantastic NYC coffee shop:

Lovely details, like charming chalkboard signs inside dark, ornate frames.

The high pressed-tin ceilings lend a sense of expansiveness and architectural detail to the intimate space. 

Fresh Doughnut Plant doughnuts! Heaven, I’m telling you. Heaven. 

 Even their Choking Victim sign is stylish. 

Absolutely love the tile floors and walls. 
Fresh pistachio doughnut…words are not adequate to describe the deliciousness. 

 Through these lovely doors you enter the Strand outpost and then the attached Club Monaco flagship. Those flowers are part of the Polux Florist outpost housed inside the Strand as well. 

160 5th Avenue between W. 20th and 21st Street
Open M-F 7:30-9, Sat 9:30-9, Sun 9:30-8
A small number of seats are available and I recommend arriving early in order to snag one! Otherwise, you can take your coffee to go and peruse the Strand and Club Monaco – either way, you win πŸ™‚

photos by me

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  1. What a beautiful joint! Tiles & ceilings like those are dreamy!

    Published 1.12.15 · Reply
  2. Oh wow that's a charming little place! And the pastries look absolutely mouth-watering!

    Sunday Brunch

    Published 1.12.15 · Reply
  3. Marine wrote:

    Lovely!!!! I'd love to go back to NYC this year to enjoy a cup of something there!!! Your photos are great!

    Published 1.12.15 · Reply
  4. I also love coffee shops. A few years ago it was not so common to find them in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. But now it is becoming more popular, and I'm loving it. I love getting one of these coffee shops and be reading a book, sipping a hot chocolate.
    The decoration that you showed is beautiful. I love floors so! Also I love this rectangular ceramic, type of subway.

    Published 1.12.15 · Reply
  5. Dana wrote:

    Oh what fantastic photos!! How early did you have to get there for it not to be mobbed with people?!

    Published 1.12.15 · Reply
  6. Sarah wrote:

    Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to give this place a try!

    Published 1.12.15 · Reply
  7. A hand-crafted beverage AND doughnut plant pistachio donuts? A match made in heaven πŸ™‚

    Published 1.13.15 · Reply
  8. Patricia wrote:

    What a charming little place! Love all the details you captured in your photographs. Makes me want to visit this spot next time I'm in the city.

    Published 1.13.15 · Reply
  9. D angela wrote:

    I love the Flatiron District. My 2nd choice place to live after Upper East Side! Will be visiting this place.

    Published 1.13.15 · Reply
  10. Holly wrote:

    This looks darling and yummy! And, of course, your photos are beautiful!

    Say, I have posted some pictures of my home, and if you have the time, I'd love your opinion- especially on where to put some art! your art wall is so beautifully curated!

    Published 1.14.15 · Reply