Rebecca Taylor’s Chic and Feminine Office



When my friend Alexis sent me the link to Rebecca Taylor’s NYC office tour on the Homepolish blog with the subject line “Design OMG!,” she wasn’t exaggerating…this is definitely an OMG moment if ever there was one. Designed by Tali Roth in collaboration with Rebecca herself and her Director of Brand Visual, Erin Ryder, the office is a perfect reflection of the feminine but modern Rebecca Taylor aesthetic. Everything I associate with her clothing designs is reflected in the decor: blush pink, perfect florals, soft textures, and an overall vibe of modern femininity. I can’t decide what I love best: the toile couch, the floral pillows, the blush pink painted floor, the modern chairs…it’s all just so good. Take a peek and see how you can get the look for yourself below! 






Get the look:



all images by Julia Robbs for Homepolish

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  1. Maria Fernanda wrote:

    this is the epitome of feminine design. My favorite aspects are the couch , the chairs, and the wallpaper.

    great post!

    Published 7.14.16 · Reply