The Wedding Dress Reveal

I’m not much of a Twi-hard (I didn’t make it past New Moon) but in honor of the release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1, on Friday, here’s an interesting article from the NYT’s Sunday Styles last week regarding Bella’s wedding dress. Since the anticipation to see it is high (I’m pretty curious myself-it was designed by Carolina Herrera so it’s sure to be classic and beautiful), the production studio took the liberty of preemptively selling the rights to make copycat versions! It’s an unusual idea, but definitely smart on the part of the studio since demand for the dress is likely to be high.

No one will know what the dress looks like until Friday, but in the meantime, here are some other iconic bridal looks:

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and JFK in 1953


Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco at their 1956 nuptuals.
Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and JFK Jr. in 1996

Kate Moss’s dress was John Galliano, earlier this year. Looks almost like it was inspired by Carolyn Kennedy’s.

Carrie’s wedding suit, for when her and Big did the deed at City Hall.

Pretty sure this one doesn’t need a caption!

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  1. love iconic dresses and so excited to see Bellas!

    Published 11.17.11 · Reply
  2. oh I love this post, all the wedding pics are so pretty. I never got into Twilight either, but even I am excited to see the dress!

    Published 11.18.11 · Reply
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  4. Thanks for all your comments! I'm excited to see the dress too.

    Clara your blog looks great! Unfortunately I don't know how to translate it but I'm going to try to figure it out.

    Published 11.18.11 · Reply