Did you guys see the career profile on Sugarfina owner Rosie O’Neill on The Everygirl? Sugarfina is this super chic candy store based in California, which I only WISH had a location in NYC! I’m rarely jealous of anyone who lives in Cali, but this is one thing that I seriously envy West Coasters. Everything about this boutique is unique, chic, and sophisticated. I think with sweet shops it’s a lot about the experience and the presentation, and the eye candy (pun intended 🙂 at Sugarfina just couldn’t be better. Owner Rosie O’Neill is really impressive in that she built this business from the ground up. She and her husband did everything, from taste-testing gourmet candies from around the world, to designing the packaging and website, to marketing, and everything else that goes into creating a brand and business. They set out to create an upscale boutique experience, but for candy…and they definitely succeeded.

Besides the inspiring story, my favorite thing about this whole feature is the incredible photography by Joanne Pio. This is exactly the type of store that I would simply love to shoot pictures of, and Joanne did such an amazing job.

I just die for everything about this boutique. The colors, the decor, the packaging, the treats…I mean, they have Champagne gummy bears. How cute is that?

Sugarfina, please come to NYC!

all images by Joanne Pio via The Everygirl 

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  1. Amanda wrote:

    OMG, it's like the Tiffany's of candy!! Thank you so much for sharing this! I live in Cali and I'm always jealous of all the awesome candy shops and cafes and restaurants that are in NYC! I'm definitely going to check this place out.

    Published 9.3.14 · Reply
  2. Me too! I'm hoping they'll open an outpost in NYC.

    Published 9.5.14 · Reply