Sugarfina: Sampling the Sweets

So, after writing this post the other day, I was left with one thought….ummm, I need some of that candy! In case you missed the previous post, Sugarfina is an absolutely gorgeous candy shop in California that sells high quality sweets imported from all over the world. All of the packaging is so pretty and I’m now qualified to report that the candy is DELICIOUS! It definitely lives up to it’s good looks. I tried a box of peanut butter caramels, English toffee caramels, and a little sample of the champagne bears. All I can say is, I’m now doubly hoping that they will open an NYC outpost so I can get my Sugarfina fix on a regular basis!

These were both really good but the peanut butter caramels were just beyond. SO yummy!
Every order comes with an adorable handwritten note. It’s that sort of attention to detail that really sets unique boutiques like this one apart from the masses. 

Champagne gummy bears! Gahhh, so cute! These would make such an awesome gift. And they were seriously SO yummy! You have no idea the self-control that it took to not gobble them up before photographing them, and I’m not even a big fan of gummy candies typically. They also included free samples of other candies in the box, which was so sweet…and the samples were GOOD.
Definitely addicted and plotting my next purchase as I type this πŸ™‚

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  1. Alyssa wrote:

    I've had the champagne gummies before and they're SO good!

    Published 9.8.14 · Reply
  2. Sienna wrote:

    oh i want those gummies! the colors are so pastel and pretty

    Published 9.9.14 · Reply