Stripes and Skinnies


To me, this look Lauren Conrad is sporting is 100% perfection. If I had to pick a daily “uniform,” this would be it-there’s almost nothing I would change. First of all, that striped sweater is amazing and I want it immediately. I love that she paired it with a loose fitting black tank and perfectly fitted skinny jeans with flats (okay, maybe I would have gone for a pop of color in the flats-but you can never go wrong with simple black). Then to top it off, a Chanel bag to elevate the whole ensemble. Yup, a Chanel bag would make a nice addition to my daily fashion routine! I think this head to toe look is total classic chic-effortless, simple, and timeless.

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  1. I love this look too! A CHANEL bag is the perfect finish to any outfit, in my opinion πŸ™‚

    XX Kathryn

    Published 1.7.12 · Reply
  2. Laura wrote:

    I completely agree – this is a perfect outfit! xo

    Published 1.7.12 · Reply
  3. two birds wrote:

    i couldn't agree more. ok…maybe i'd add heels, but that's just because i have short legs. i wish i could wear flats and skinnies! but yes, this is pretty much my uniform (trade the chanel for a cheaper purse, and i'm in)!

    Published 1.7.12 · Reply
  4. love it… simple but chic πŸ™‚

    Published 1.7.12 · Reply
  5. two birds wrote:

    my sweatshirt/dress is actually mossimo from target, but i got it at a garage sale. i'm sure there is still something similar there (and probably cheaper than victoria's secret). thanks for the comment!

    Published 1.7.12 · Reply
  6. I adore LC's style…she's got such great taste! πŸ™‚

    Published 1.7.12 · Reply
  7. I agree, this would make a great uniform! Agree on adding colorful flats too.

    Published 1.8.12 · Reply
  8. I love her style. I'm trying to revamp my style via pinterest.

    Published 1.8.12 · Reply
  9. Al wrote:

    Dammit I want that bag. But in a brighter color actually. SJP has a pinkish/orange one that just adds something to every outfit. Not that every girl doesn't need a classic black Chanel bag, as well. Ahhh I want one!

    Published 1.15.12 · Reply