Spring Favorites from Aerin + Some Thoughts on Mixing High and Low

Something I firmly believe is that, as the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. In design, that means that adding in a few high-end, luxurious, quality accents can elevate any space – even if most of your main pieces are from Ikea. I’ve done this in my own apartment – I have my fair share of Ikea and West Elm, and I’ve mixed in a few small, higher end accents. One easy example: using throw pillows made from designer fabrics. An added bonus is that smaller high end accents (pillows, trays, candles, etc) are way more affordable than a high-end couch or other piece of furniture. Another thing I want to mention: I didn’t get any of the pillows just because the fabric was high-end – I just really loved them! I would recommend never buying something just because it’s expensive or has name recognition (in both decor and fashion).

When it comes to high-end decor, AERIN is one brand that I love – mainly because most everything she produces is simply gorgeous. Her pieces have such an upscale look and feel – you can tell that they’re quality, and yet they never feel ostentatious. As much as I love a good bargain or vintage piece, there’s something about Aerin Lauder’s items that just brings a luxurious feel. And the best part? Even just one piece of this ilk is enough to really elevate a space.

And since some AERIN products are truly out of reach for me (like the $875 gilded agate bookends – sigh, a girl can dream, right?) I’ve included a few lower-priced lookalikes as well…scroll down for those!

Petal candle snuffer (budget version – $37, budget version – $58)

Marielle scented candle (budget version – $26)

Yves coaster set (budget version – $6.95)

Madaket Geranium candle (budget version – $32)

Gilded crystal bookends (ok, impossible to find a budget version of these. I tried!).

Leon corkscrew (budget version – full set of gilded bar tools for $49.95).

Bellamy Clover tall vase (budget version – $16)

Which is your favorite?

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  1. Sarah wrote:

    I’m only letting myself click on the “budget version” of each item, hahah. Lots of cute finds!


    Published 3.20.17 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Probably a wise choice 🙂

      Published 3.21.17 · Reply