Photo Essays: West Village Wednesday

white jeans-6670

Ok, so I know it’s not Wednesday as the title of this post may suggest…however, I took these photos on a Wednesday, so that’s where that came from. A simple springtime mid-week stroll through the West Village…enjoy! 

west village-6672


west village-6676

west village-6686

west village-6689

west village-6692

west village-6694

west village-6697

west village-6698

west village-6699

Hudson Clearwater…great brunch spot.

west village-6700

west village-6702

west village-6703

west village-6712

west village-6714

west village-6719

west village-6722

west village-6723

west village-6724

west village-6725

This guy was kind of funny. I’m too shy to ever take “street-style” pictures of anyone, but when this friendly and stylish gentleman kindly suggested that I might like to take a portrait, I decided to step outside my comfort zone for a second. I’m actually pretty happy with how it turned out! I felt like The Sartorialist for a minute (hah).

west village-6729

west village-6730

west village-6727

west village-6732


west village-6737

west village-6740Wouldn’t be right to go to this area of the West Village without stopping in my favorite bookstore.

photos by me

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  1. Paricia wrote:

    Great photo essay! Your images are so clear and on fleek!

    Published 5.28.15 · Reply
  2. Scarlett wrote:

    Love all your pictures! I especially love the pink vespa!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

    Published 5.28.15 · Reply
  3. Alexis wrote:

    Great job Jackie! You’ve gotta start taking more people photos, awesome shot!

    Published 5.28.15 · Reply
  4. Dorothy wrote:

    Love these photos, I feel like I’ve had a nice walk around. Excellent portrait too.

    Published 5.29.15 · Reply