Photo Essays: On The Sound


These pictures were taken while I was home on Long Island over Memorial Day weekend, when I took a quick drive down to the beach with my Dad and brother to get a few shots of the Long Island Sound. It’s funny…I absolutely hated the beach while I was growing up. I’ve never been a good swimmer, I’m super pale so laying out is not my jam, and the Sound is really rocky…we always had to wear swim shoes (remember those?). Why am I telling you this negativity? Just because I find it fascinating that when I’m looking through the “lens” of photography, I’m able to see things in a totally different way, and appreciate things so differently. When I have my camera it’s literally like seeing through different eyes – like I’m searching for something. Searching for the shot I guess. Or maybe I just appreciate things differently as I’m getting older. Either way, I could have spent hours here shooting. We were only there for about fifteen minutes, but I’m glad I have these shots to show for our little excursion…along with the sand I brought back in my Converse.








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  1. Steph wrote:

    great photos! I grew up on the South Shore and lived at the beach…I moved to the north shore for 3 years, and I couldn’t get over the no waves/rocky shores! But now that I live in NYC, I miss having the beach 5 minutes away.

    Published 6.17.15 · Reply
  2. Hi Jackie, I grew up going to the rocky beaches of Connecticut as a kid. I remember my swim shoes like it was yesterday. And how cold the water was, hah! Beautiful images, thanks for sharing.

    Published 6.17.15 · Reply
  3. Alyssa wrote:

    Great shots! I grew up in CT and we were always wearing swim shoes in the lake/ocean. I have to admit, I thought they were SO cool haha.

    Published 6.18.15 · Reply
  4. Andrew wrote:

    So cool to see these pictures. I know the images so well but your pictures really bring them to life. Really great shots!!

    Published 7.2.15 · Reply