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73 Spring Shop 2015-0204

If you remember my enthusiasm about last year’s 73 Spring Shop event, you’ll know how excited I got when I found out that it was coming back for year two! 73 Spring Shop is a holiday pop-up featuring products from five awesome brands run by fabulously creative women. It takes place in the Soho studio and showroom of Roxy Te Owens, founder of Society Social, and artist Inslee Fariss. In addition to the gorgeous and bright couches, pillows, and (of course) bar carts from Society Social, there’s also calendars and art made by Inslee, jewelry from Rhode Island based Loren Hope, mugs and cute travel cups from Ashley Brooke Designs, and clothing by Persifor. 73 Spring Shop is the perfect festive, bright, and cheerful place to pick up a few gifts in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Take a peek:

73 Spring Shop 2015-0195

73 Spring Shop 2015-0205

I love Inslee’s hand-painted ornaments – such a pretty color scheme and refreshingly different from the usual holiday colors.

73 Spring Shop 2015-0194

73 Spring Shop 2015-0196

73 Spring Shop 2015-0197

The entryway wallcovering was handpainted by Inslee. I love the Society Social nailhead console table and the “foot” stools with those cute hot pink-piped cushions!

73 Spring Shop 2015-0202

Sparkly baubles from Loren Hope.

73 Spring Shop 2015-0200

73 Spring Shop 2015-0214

73 Spring Shop 2015-0208

73 Spring Shop 2015-0211

73 Spring Shop 2015-0212

Inslee’s pretty cocktail napkins.


Illustrated desk calendars – botanical and classic. Both come as wall calendars as well.


73 Spring Shop 2015-0213

A plethora of Society Social pillows.

73 Spring Shop 2015-0219

73 Spring Shop 2015-0230

73 Spring Shop 2015-0225

This Petite Rattan Foot Stool is available with a variety of cushion color options – but I love Inslee’s citrus fabric.

73 Spring Shop 2015-0231

2015: The Year of the Pineapple, no?

73 Spring Shop 2015-0233

How cute is that pillow?

73 Spring Shop 2015-0222

I love the black and white striped trim on the Footed Stool cushion.


73 Spring Shop 2015-0236

It was super fun to stop by the pop-up and visit with Roxy while shopping – she’s so, so sweet and I really admire how she’s built Society Social into such a success from the ground up. I have to mention one other thing that happened while I was there which basically made my life, which is that someone actually recognized me from my blog and came up to me tell me how much she liked it! How sweet is that? She was the nicest person and the best thing was that she told me specific things she particularly likes about the blog, which was so nice to hear. She also had a Ladurée bag with her and told me that she had stopped by the Soho location because of my blog! Which was hilarious because I myself had (of course) popped in there minutes before as well, and had my own Ladurée bag to match hers.

Anyway I’m not telling this to brag, but just to say thank you to that reader and point out how something like that, which she probably didn’t think was a big deal, actually really meant a lot to me. I happened to be having a really hard day that day for various reasons, and to have someone out of the blue say such kind things about the work that I do seriously meant a great deal to me, especially in that moment. I absolutely love blogging but sometimes it can be hard in the sense of wondering if it’s good enough, comparing yourself with others, etc. – and to hear specific feedback from someone on what they like and appreciate about it was honestly such a nice surprise.

73 Spring Shop 2015-0240

Anyway! 73 Spring Shop will be running through December 20th and you can get all the details and hours by going to Society Social’s website. Happy shopping!

photos by me

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