Menswear for the Ladies: The Watch

A watch just doesn’t work for me unless it’s chunky, substantial, and preferably from the men’s department. Nixon is a brand I don’t see around too often, but I find their watches to be the most unique that I’ve come across. Behold, my absolute favorite timepiece: The Rotolog.

This watch is amazing to me because of the way it tells time. Neither digital nor analog, instead there is a little window in which the hour and minutes spin past the pointer hand. There might be others out there, but I’ve never come across a timepiece that tells the time in this way. I find it to be really user-friendly and just awesomely unique. The watch comes in black, white, and some cool wood tones. I never fail to get compliments whenever I wear my white one!

I also have the girl version, The Chalet:

Unfortunately, this tells time in the boring regular way. But I do love the wood tone (mine is really old, this color isn’t available at the moment). Nixon, why no Rotolog for the ladies? Until then, I’ll have to keep stealing from the boy’s department!

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  1. Alexa wrote:

    LOVE that top one! xo

    Published 11.22.11 · Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Great watches!!

    Published 11.22.11 · Reply
  3. I like them both, and the way the first one tells time is pretty cool. But as far as overall look, I think I like yours the best 🙂

    Published 11.22.11 · Reply
  4. I really like this watch – I feel like all I've been seeing is that chunky gold Michael Kors one, I like that this is different!

    Published 11.22.11 · Reply
  5. Tariro wrote:

    Such a stylish watch!

    Published 11.22.11 · Reply
  6. *Thanks Tariro Alexa and threadsandbuttons!

    *Agree Whitney, I get tired of seeing the same items over and over, it's fun to have something a little different!

    Published 11.22.11 · Reply
  7. So cool and different… I like!

    Published 11.22.11 · Reply
  8. Thanks Grace 🙂

    Published 11.22.11 · Reply