Make You Smile Style: The Bright Bazaar Book Event at Jonathan Adler

Last night I had the serious good fortune of being invited to a party celebrating Will Taylor’s Bright Bazaar book with Jonathan Adler at the JA store down in the West Village. It was so much fun! First of all, the store is AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS. Bright, colorful, full of whimsical items and beautiful furniture and glamorous lighting…I wanted to move in. Then Will’s book is amazingly gorgeous as well. The photography is beautiful, the interiors featured are so fun and eclectic and colorful…it’s a unique, happy book that would be the highlight of any coffee table. I seriously can’t wait to sit down with it and give it a full read, but the images I saw just by flipping through have already captivated me in a big way. Will is so talented and his English accent is over the top adorable (note to self: move to London and marry a British guy ASAP). I was also lucky to meet a ton of fantastic ladies, some whose blogs I already know and enjoy (like Mackenzie, Carly, and Hallie), and others who are new to me (like Susan of Fleurishing and Rose of Blonde in This City) who I’m thrilled to have met (love finding great new blogs!).

Mini cupcakes and mini champagne…essential for any event, I’d say (those cupcakes were GOOD). 
Yummy and adorable…some of the cupcakes said “make you smile style,” which is the hashtag to look up on Instagram if you want to see pictures of Will’s travels on his book tour all over the US. 
Yes, Jonathan Adler and his talented partner Simon Doonan were there (Simon looked like a badass in blue reflective aviators and a fringy leather jacket, and Jonathan was perfectly preppy in a Commes des Garcon cardi…what a cute couple!). Here’s the sneaky pic I snapped of them…I’m super awkward and have discovered that it’s best for me to observe celebs/people by whom I am intimidated from afar. Hashtag paparazzi!
Fell for this sculpture of nails suspended in lucite…it was just really striking. I have to say, pictures on the computer of Jonathan’s stuff really don’t do it justice. His items are truly stunning and one of a kind, and in person the retail stores are honestly mind-blowing. 
Muses all lined up in a row…
And the mother of all Muses…whoa! That amazing planter. 

If you’re on the fence about getting this book, I urge you to check it out in your local bookstore. Like many things, it is truly much more charming and captivating in “the flesh” than on the computer screen.

I can’t thank the Jonathan Adler team enough for inviting me to this event! Seriously so grateful, and it was a really nice excuse to go down to the West Village, which I never do. The Greenwich Avenue store is located in the most charming area right near a favorite bookstore of mine, Three Lives and Company. Great location, great event, and great book!
iPhone pics by me

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  1. What an amazing event! That's amazing that you got to meet some of your favorite bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚ The mini champagne bottle is my favorite!

    xo, jen

    Published 5.16.14 · Reply
  2. Leslie wrote:

    What a fun event! I love Jonathan Adler, and it's the perfect location!

    Published 5.16.14 · Reply
  3. Pretty pictures! Last night was fun — glad we got to meet in-person!

    Hope you have a great weekend. x

    Published 5.16.14 · Reply
    • Thanks Hallie! I'm really glad we got to meet! Hope you have a great weekend too ๐Ÿ™‚

      Published 5.17.14 · Reply
  4. I'm going to buy this book for sure! i'm working on getting a new apartment and this will be a good companion to J. Adler's HAPPY CHIC. Again I love your taste and your lifestyle!

    Published 5.17.14 · Reply
  5. It was so lovely to meet you, and I'm looking forward to getting lost in your blog! Thank you for the shout out! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Published 5.18.14 · Reply