Louboutins for Less

Christian Louboutin Sonietta
Payless Chelsea
Why buy Christian Louboutin flats for $545.00 (yes you read that right. FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE DOLLARS. FOR FLATS.) when you can get a very similar pair from Payless for $16.99? $16.99 people! That is as insanely reasonable as $545 is insanely…well, insane. 
I actually like the Payless ones better, is that weird? And yes I like them so much that they are currently sitting in my closet.

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Great find, they are gorgeous

    Published 11.13.11 · Reply
  2. hannah wrote:

    Fabulous, find. They're gorgeous!

    I have to admit, the Louboutin flats aren't my favourite. I find them a little…nana-ish.

    Published 11.22.11 · Reply
  3. Thanks Hannah! Yeah, I think Louboutin heels are probably the way to go if Louboutins are in your price range…which they are definitely not for me!

    Published 11.22.11 · Reply