London Photo Essays: South Kensington and Chelsea


My friends and I did a lot of fun things during our four days in London, but overall my favorite was the first day that we got there – I think it’s the most memorable too, because London made such a great first impression on me. We arrived at our hotel after flying in on the red-eye, and I hit the ground running – I was just so excited to explore our neighborhood of South Kensington and the adjacent Chelsea. My friends headed off to Portobello Road Market (which I also would have loved to go to, but alas), and I set off to wander with my camera in tow.

I knew London would be charming and I knew I would love it, but I was not prepared for how immensely delightful I found Chelsea and South Kensington to be. I walked around for hours taking pictures, only stopping out of necessity when the sun went down, and I was just happy as a clam. Everything was SO pretty! I was texting with my mom and told her I couldn’t even walk on a straight path, because every time I turned to look down a side street it was SO freakin’ charming and cute and picturesque that I had to head down. I’m serious, EVERY side street looked like something out of a dream.




My first pink car spotting – I think I actually gasped out loud with delight. I feel like if this was in NYC there would be a crowd of people around Instagramming it or taking outfit photos in front of it 24/7 :). Another amazing thing – all of these charming side streets I wandered down, they were so incredibly peaceful. I was even thinking to myself, hmm, am I even allowed on these streets? They almost seemed like private property because they were so pretty but also so quiet and empty of people. I was like, how is everyone not here taking pictures?!




I absolutely loved the house numbers painted on the columns in this little square.


Second pink car spotting!


The architecture in London…oh, the architecture. I wish my pictures could do it justice! I just absolutely love it.






Third pink car spotting!


Here’s one of those little side streets I was talking about, which are called “mews.” It’s basically a little row of houses that have been converted from stables. I am officially in love with London mews. I mean, can you imagine looking down a side street and seeing this? And being able to walk down it, and photograph it? How is that real? It looks like a little village from Shakespeare’s time, as my mom said.





London, I love you.

More from Chelsea and South Kensington tomorrow! I also have a full post coming with more of the colorful houses like those in the first picture – there were so many in both neighborhoods and also in Notting Hill. And if you’d like to see some more candid photos of my friends and me from the trip, check out the blog’s Facebook page – I shared a few over there! I’m not so good about remembering to get group shots but luckily my friends had their trusty selfie sticks in tow :).

PS – I’ve added a few favorites from this post to the Travel section of my Etsy shop 🙂

photography by Jacqueline Clair

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    Lovely! Keep the photos coming.

    Published 11.3.16 · Reply
  2. katie wrote:

    I loved following along with your trip! These pictures are gorgeous. I love seeing the things that piqued your interest in the city. Jumping up on my bucket list for sure!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Published 11.3.16 · Reply
  3. April wrote:

    Beautiful photos! I am going to Paris for Christmas with a few other Peace Corps Volunteers (with a day trip to London by train). I’ve never been to either city and I’m trying to figure out what to see and how to squeeze it all in! I’ll be curious to hear more about your recommendations.

    Published 11.4.16 · Reply
  4. Dorothy wrote:

    Love these photos! Its almost as good as being there and easier and cheaper for sure 😉

    Published 11.5.16 · Reply
  5. Alyssa wrote:

    Great photos! I’ve been lucky enough over the past 3 years to go to London for a few days, and I stay at the Rembrandt Hotel in South Kensington (right across from the Victoria & Albert Museum). It’s such a beautiful spot!

    Published 5.25.17 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      That’s right near where we stayed – I love the area so much. I’ll definitely look into that hotel if/when I go back – would love to be right across from the Victoria and Albert Museum 🙂

      Published 5.29.17 · Reply
  6. Marta wrote:

    Hi! Beautiful photos!!
    Can I ask you where was the red door picture taken? I am sure I have seen it already (I know it’s been sometime).

    Published 8.6.20 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Gosh I wish I could remember! This was like four years ago so I have no idea. Hope I can go back someday and find it again!

      Published 8.20.20 · Reply