Lately - House Beautiful September Issue-4734

Have you guys seen the September issue of House Beautiful? OH MY GOD. That home on the cover is INSANE, I’m sorry for the all caps but I cannot deal. Allllll the pink!! And florals. It’s like Barbie’s sophisticated dream house.

Lately - Inslee illustration-4625

It’s me! Hah, not quite but it’s the illustration of me that Inslee painted at the Society Social party. How awesome is that? She literally banged it out in about five minutes. The talent!

Lately - Madewell Scallop Shorts-4737

I got these shorts at Madewell and I only wish I’d gotten them at the beginning of summer – they are the best! As comfy as pajamas, but drapey and totally stylish with the scallops and pockets. A little sporty, a little feminine.

Lately - The Singles Game Lauren Weisberger-4750

Finished The Singles Game really quickly – it was totally entertaining and a good light read.

Lately - pink flowers Central Park-4501

Lately - pink flowers Central Park-4496

Came across some beautiful pink flowers in Central Park the other day and couldn’t resist getting a few snaps.

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  1. Erica wrote:

    Those Madewell shorts are so cute! And I love the unexpected color. That shade of blue is gorgeous!

    Published 8.24.16 · Reply
  2. those shorts are adorable. I have some similar ones in black and another pair in nude. Great for looking put together, yet comfortable.

    Published 8.25.16 · Reply