Ladurée Lucky Charms

I am a huge fan of Ladurée macarons (obviously). But as it turns out, there’s more to love at this chic Parisian bakery than just their sweets -they also have the most gorgeous candles in a variety of pretty and elegant colors. I was so excited and surprised when my friend Alexis gave me the New York City “Lucky Charms” candle for my birthday – such a sweet, kind thing to do! Since it’s purple I knew immediately that it had to live on my purple book stack (just couldn’t resist). It smells so good, and I have to admit, I’m just as enamored with the box that it came in as I am with the candle itself. Read on to see more pictures:

This box! It is so adorable from all angles, and how perfect that she got me the New York candle? I love it. 

So cute from all angles. I’m such a sucker for little illustrations like these. 
All of the city candles are so pretty – gorgeously colorful and with adorable packaging. Aside from my New York City candle, there’s also Paris, TokyoLondon, Singapore, and Rome. What with the boxes being so nice, it’s like two gifts in one! I also really love this little candle topper they sell. I think it’s the perfect traditional, sort of opulent looking piece to contrast against more modern design elements. 
photos by me

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  1. Alexis wrote:

    Yay! It looks so good on that shelf! Also I'm looooving that faux fur! Is it a blanket?!

    Published 1.23.15 · Reply
  2. not that the candle isn't pretty…but the box is so cute!!

    Published 1.23.15 · Reply
  3. Holly wrote:

    So pretty! I would have a hard time not displaying the box, too!

    Published 1.24.15 · Reply
  4. Jen Dang wrote:

    I'm drooling from just imagining how this smells! Love the box too!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

    Published 1.25.15 · Reply