Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2019: Sarah Bartholomew

Kips Bay Showhouse featured by top New York City blog York Avenue

Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse:

Sarah Bartholomew is one of my favorite designers, so I was really excited to see her room at the Kips Bay Showhouse this year. She designed a soothing, layered, and just overall lovely room that hit all the right notes – it was slightly coastal without being overtly “beachy,” full of interesting texture which made the neutral space feel layered and interesting, and it was just a room that you didn’t want to leave. The design felt fresh and clean, but still cozy, warm and inviting – a perfect retreat in the middle of New York City.

The standout feature that everyone was very taken with was the fluted plaster walls, which were created and installed by Master Works Plastering with Strata Designs. When you were in the room it created a sort of optical illusion where it almost looked like wallpaper, and then you realize it’s actually three-dimensional. It was a really clever way to bring texture and dimension to the neutral space. The hand-painted floors were done with NYC Decorative Arts, also represented by Strata Designs, and I love how subtle yet effective they are – they add a great layer while not being at all in-your-face. The gorgeous abstract above the desk is from Mary Ryan Gallery.

The cozy little reading corner is such a great use of space! I love the floor lamp (from Vaughan Designs), and patterned, pleated lampshades are officially my new obsession so this was just perfect to me. It’s a little hard to see but Forbes and Lomax did the chic brass light switches. Every little detail is considered in these rooms!

Here you can see the close up details on this amazing ivory glass leaf mirror sourced from Cox London, which added more wonderful texture to the space. Sarah utilized fantastic accessories – the candle is Pierre Forsell from Dienst and Dotter, and the ceramic vessels are from BK Antiques. The black marble mantel was also added in (who would’ve thought it wasn’t original to the house?!) and came from Chesney’s.

Such a lovely vignette! The beautiful chest of drawers is from Objets Plus Inc./Daniel Barney, and the lithograph above is from Marlborough Gallery. Bringing in a wooden piece for warmth and gravitas was a perfect choice (I’m starting to be obsessed with brown wood furniture).

The gorgeous white plaster Gala Vase is from Demiurge New York and the pillar is from Dienst and Dotter via 1st dibs. I love that she leaned art casually on the floor, and that sleek gold pharmacy lamp adds a perfect touch of sleekness and metallic gleam.

Sarah is SO talented! I truly didn’t want to leave this room and I think it’s definitely a favorite of many this year. The showhouse is open through May 30th and you can find more information here. And in case you missed it: my first post on the 2019 Kips Bay Showhouse featuring Paloma Contreras’ colorful and sophisticated room.

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