Kips Bay Showhouse Roundup: a Few More Favorites

Final Favorites from the Kips Bay Showhouse:

It’s my last post on the 2019 Kips Bay Showhouse! I’ve had so much fun recapping my favorite spaces for you and today I have a few last favorites. I do want to say though, the whole house is really amazing this year! Some rooms I wasn’t able to feature just because they were too dark to photograph without a tripod, but truly there were only like two rooms I didn’t like, and for a showhouse with 23 designers that’s pretty impressive!

This lovely and vibrant library/office was designed by Corey Damen Jenkins. I loved his mix of traditional with modern, and the ceiling was beautifully papered. On his Instagram Corey talked about wanting to subvert the typical masculine “gentlemen’s study” that usually characterizes home libraries, and instead create a feminine library that would be used by the lady of the house.

I really like that coffee table – and did you notice that the walls and moldings are actually the palest shade of blush? I love that he mixed different tones of pink to create a dynamic, layered palette.

Also a big fan of this pillow fabric which reminded me of de Gournay.

I also loved this bedroom by Peter Pennoyer Architects which featured a lively bright yellow banquette among many other beautiful elements. I was particularly taken by this cool lampshade! Isn’t it so interesting? When the lamp was on it looked like a diamond pattern outlined in light.

For the hallway and staircase, Gluckstein Design collaborated with Unitfive Design to create an incredible 30 foot long installation of 4,000 hand-crafted brass cherry blossoms to hang in the middle of the spiral staircase. It didn’t actually have any lights in it but you’d never know by the way it sparkled and reflected light as you climbed past by! The designer Brian Gluckstein called it “architectural jewelry.” Forty individual strands were each hung with 100 brass blossoms (!) – you can read about the design and installation process and see more pics in this excellent post from the designers.

Last but not least – this Cullman and Kravis room was really special. The walls were lacquered in deepest, darkest navy and artists Dougall Paulson created and applied gold-dipped porcelain pieces on top. As you can hopefully see, the walls shimmered and shined, as did many other elements in the room, lending a richness that made the space really come alive.

Kips Bay Showhouse featured by top interior desi

I really liked this pair of lamps flanking the fireplace, and the custom Gilt Consoles by Larrea Studio were very statement-making!

I also loved this interesting vase…and would you believe that those candlesticks are actually from different time periods? They’re so cohesive!

I hope if you’re in NYC I’ve convinced you to visit the Kips Bay Showhouse – and if you’re not able to visit, that you enjoyed seeing my photos of it! In case you missed them, here are my posts Paloma Conteras’s room, Sarah Bartholomew’s room, and Young Huh’s room!

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  1. shawna wrote:

    Hello Jackie, can you send me the link of the artist or retailer that sells the famous figure with the brush stroke through the eye please. I can’t seem to find.
    Thank you,

    Published 5.25.19 · Reply
  2. Anna wrote:

    What amazing rooms! I love seeing how different they all are, and each special detail you pointed out I had to stop and appreciate. I’ve been reading interior design blogs, as a way of studying (I’m learning interior design online), and your blog always leaves me feeling inspired and wanting to learn more. Thanks for such a great post!

    Published 3.11.20 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! So true, there are always so many wonderful details in these rooms. Thank you so much for your kind words and I hope your studies are going well!

      Published 4.11.20 · Reply