Kate Spade New York Flagship

I was so excited the other day to finally make it to the “new” (opened seven months ago) Kate Spade New York flagship on Madison Avenue. It was even better than I imagined-every nook and cranny was bursting with bright color, gold, glitter, confetti, and other girly delights. The store filled four floors-the first for jewelry and accessories, the second shoes, the third clothing, and the fourth floor-my personal favorite-for home goods.

Confetti glitter heels at KSNY's Madison Avenue flagship | York Avenue

Pink velvet couches at Kate Spade | York Avenue
Hot pink velvet couches for sitting down to try on shoes. 
Pillows covered in whimsical illustrations at Kate Spade New York

Gold birdcages with gold glitter heels at KSNY | York Avenue

A pink sparkly vignette at KSNY | York Avenue

The home decor floor of Kate Spade's Madison Avenue flagship | York Avenue
Another pink couch in the home section-I’m okay with that. And gold leaf walls? Yup, that works!
The home decor floor of KSNY | York Avenue

Ooh la la at KSNY | York Avenue

Black and white striped straws with colorful champagne flutes at KSNY | York Avenue
Black and white dot and striped straws – need. Love the mirrored tray too, which looks especially gorgeous because it’s reflecting the gold walls. 
Colorful stacked teacups at KSNY | York Avenue

Books in shadow boxes-very cool idea! Love the Escape the Ordinary candle too. 

A confetti strewn vignette at Kate Spade's Madison Avenue flagship | York Avenue

Another book in a shadow box-plus confetti everywhere! And how cute are those champagne flutes with the bright colored bottoms?

Gorgeous metallic wallpaper in a dressing room. 
Died for the card catalog on the first floor. And look at that gold-confetti-tiled staircase! Heaven. 
A Swarovski crystal encrusted fire hydrant in the window to celebrate the KSNY current holiday collaboration with Swarovski. 

Putting on the glitz! Windows at KSNY's Madison Avenue flagship | York Avenue
Putting on the glitz! Nobody does that quite like Kate Spade. I love everything about this store-it was just an absolute delight to walk through and I see many more visits in my future. 

All photographs by me

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is perfection– that metallic wallpaper! Thanks for sharing all the pics… I'll have to try and make it there next time I'm in NYC!

    Published 11.26.13 · Reply
  2. Tiffany Leigh wrote:

    Everything about this is perfection! The pale pink couch with the gold walls? I DIE! Also love the witty neon sign.

    Published 11.26.13 · Reply
  3. Alyssa wrote:

    Ah–when can I move in?!

    Published 11.26.13 · Reply
  4. viviana88 wrote:

    Too much pretty in one place!

    Published 11.26.13 · Reply
  5. chantelle wrote:

    That place would be so dangerous for my wallet!

    Published 11.26.13 · Reply
  6. lexi_con wrote:

    Can't wait to pop in there! Those two pink sofas…drool! Kate Spade has the greatest visual display design team. I especially love the neon "uptown is the new downtown" sign πŸ™‚

    Published 11.26.13 · Reply
  7. Holly Kvinge wrote:

    Can they just come do my whole house? :). Those glitter pumps are to die!

    Published 11.27.13 · Reply
  8. Lauren wrote:

    I love the light pink couch and everything else! The pictures are beautiful!


    Published 11.27.13 · Reply
  9. I'd like that store to be my next apartment! ha I seriously want everything!

    Published 11.27.13 · Reply
  10. Hollis wrote:

    Love everything about this. So classic! XO

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  11. Dana wrote:

    I need to go!!

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  12. michelle wrote:

    i want to live there. i have been dying seeing all the pictures.

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  13. Alli wrote:

    I am possibly going to NYC soon, and I think I might check out the Kate Spade stores after seeing your pictures!

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  14. Rebecca wrote:

    Those shoes are to die for! What a pretty store!


    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  15. You definitely should, it's just such a pretty place to walk around in!

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  16. I know, I love all the pink and gold! Heaven.

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  17. I agree Hollis! I'm in love with everything about this place.

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  18. Totally! Such a fun shop.

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  19. My thoughts exactly!

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  20. I want to live there too, wish my apartment looked just like this!

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  21. I know, I think it's my new favorite store in the city! Definitely the prettiest.

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  22. Great idea, you'll love it! Such a fun, girly store.

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  23. Tell me about it…very dangerous!

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  24. Oh my gosh, I know…those shoes! I love them.

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  25. I agree…all of their stores are gorgeous, and this one especially was just over the top gorgeous. Love the neon sign too!

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  26. OMG I know…the glitter pumps are everything!

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  27. Thank you! Gosh, I know…those couches are just perfection.

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply
  28. I'm with you! In love with all of it.

    Published 12.1.13 · Reply