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A little short on links this week – I’ve been doing a lot of day shifts at work (7AM-3:30PM), which is great but my body has a hard time adjusting (my regular shift is 11AM-7:30PM) so I’ve been a bit tired. Plus it’s been oppressively humid in the city (like thick, gross humidity), which hasn’t been helping the energy levels. But! It’s Friday. The week seemed to fly by. I’ve been watching lots of Olympics, started reading The Singles Game (so far so good), and am looking forward to brunch with a friend this weekend and helping my sister with a little bedroom makeover in her apartment, which I will share on the blog at some point in the near future. Whatever you’re up to this weekend, hope you have a great one!

  • I got a new camera! It’s not really an upgrade, per se, (sadly), but rather a lighter version of the camera I have. It’s supposed to be one of the lightest DSLRs out there, and my god do I need it. My camera and especially my zoom lens are SO. DAMN. HEAVY. My back constantly hurts when I carry it, so I’m hoping this solves that problem and enables me to bring my camera along on more outings without wanting to die. I would so LOVE to upgrade to a full frame and better lens but I don’t have four grand laying around so…maybe in the future!
  • I also finally got a case for my camera (yeah, all these years I’ve just had it loose knocking around in my bag) – for those who are interested I got this neoprene case. Camera bags aren’t my jam and I tried the Ona camera insert, which you can slip inside a regular tote bag, but it was massive so it wasn’t going to work for me. I think the neoprene one will be great as it takes up no space in your bag, but protects your camera from scratches and things. I rarely ever carry more than one lens so I don’t really need anything more elaborate than that.
  • I’m always on the hunt for heels that I might actually be able to walk in (a rare species), and these seem like they might fit the bill with their blocky heel. Are they cute though? I’m so un-well-versed in heels that I seem to be unable to even tell. (This is what happens when you’re tall and never got any heel-walking practice then suddenly decide to change your stance on the whole lifelong-ban-on-heels-issue).
  • The clothing item I’ve probably worn the most this summer is an Everlane dress (sadly no longer available), which is chambray, light as air, and just pretty plain but has a good, easy shape to it. Sometimes simple is best (especially when the humidity is at 1 million percent), and I’m thinking that this dress they’ve just released in their new Japanese Go-Weave could be equally useful. It looks so cooling, and super easy to dress up or down.
  • When I was home a few weekends ago we made this recipe using homemade pasta, and it was seriously so good. I could eat it about a dozen more times.
  • How could anyone not love Tim Gunn? He is so talented and such a supportive mentor and teacher on Project Runway (which by the way, I’m excited is coming back for Season 15 soon!). I was excited to see that his Upper West Side apartment is featured in Traditional Home’s September issue (which I need to pick up a copy of, it looks fantastic).
  • Did you know that Young House Love has a podcast (and that it’s called, Young House Love Has A Podcast?). They did an episode (Episode #8) where they talked to three pro bloggers about how they handle sponsored posts and what the reaction from their readers has been like – really interesting! You can listen on iTunes.
  • PS – thank you SO MUCH to everyone who shared London and Paris tips via email, in comments, and on Instagram. You guys are awesome and I so appreciate it!

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  1. Monica wrote:

    Yay for a lighter camera! It makes such a big difference and I don’t know how people carry around more than two lenses with a heavier base. Mine’s pretty light, too! Def checking out that case, though…I actually use a large brand new makeup bag for mine. Oops!

    Published 8.12.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Ha! That’s a good idea though!

      Published 8.16.16 · Reply
  2. Ali wrote:

    Yay to a new camera!! Boo to this disgusting heat. The book looks pretty good – very good review anyway. I think those heels are wayyy too high but then Im no expert on heels either!

    Published 8.12.16 · Reply