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Today I’m super excited to have an interview with Jennifer Hunter and Georgie Hambright, interior designers behind J+G Design. I first discovered the talented duo when they designed a gorgeous space for the 2013 Holiday House, and ever since then, I’ve loved keeping up with them on their blog and Instagram as they visit amazing places around the city and work on interior design projects. They have impeccable taste in both decor and fashion, and create spaces that are elegant and classic with a dash of whimsy. Read on for my interview and to see some of the amazingly gorgeous spaces that Jennifer and Georgie have designed together!

Q: You met because you were both working separately for designers hailing from Albert Hadley. Can you tell us a little about what you learned from your mentors? How has that early experience shaped your current aesthetic?

A: We would have to say that the most important lesson we learned is that design is all about balance and proportion and we would have to say that those lessons definitely helped shape our current aesthetic.
Q: How would you describe the J and G aesthetic?
A: We like to describe our aesthetic as traditional design as we see it through our lens- equal parts tailored and eclectic, glamorous and relaxed, bold and subtle. It is this unique balance that we strive for in every project.
Q: Your philosophy seems to be centered around traditional design. How do you go about updating traditional design and keeping it feeling fresh and modern?
A: It is all about the mix–that goes for styles, colors, and price points.  It is really about how you bring it all together to create that unique and balanced design we spoke about above.
Q: When you’re presented with a project, where do you start? Can you explain a little bit about your process and what you use as the jumping off point?
A: Each project is completely different, but it usually begins with the client.  For the most part a client will bring a magazine tear or a Pinterest photo, however it is our job to kinda push them out of the box to give them something new and fresh.  We always put our twist and spin on it!
Q: I would love to hear about your favorite resources for things like art, furniture, and decor items, both on the high and lower ends of the spectrum. 
A: As we said above, it is all about the mix!  Our favorite resource for art is our dear friend Lisa Silverman from These Fine Walls. For furniture we love perusing 1st Dibs or frequenting our favorite high end furniture consignment shop Decor NYC.  Another great place just to get inspiration is ABC Home. Their styling is insane and the cool part is that it is always changing!
Q: How does living in New York City influence your work?
A: Living in NYC totally influences our work.  We are exposed to so much and have the best of the best right at our fingertips.  We try to go as many events and openings as possible just for this very purpose, but we love finding unexpected color palettes just in our everyday routine.
Q: What have been your favorite projects to date? 
A: We are currently working on several interesting projects that we can’t divulge too much about, but one of our favorite projects was revitalizing the Avery Boardman showroom in the D&D.  We were really able to breathe a new life into an old, establish company that had not been updated in over 30 years!
Q: What does every room need?
A: While we love color and infuse most of our work with color, every room should have an element of black to ground and anchor it.
Q: Who are your favorite current designers or designers from the past?
A: We look up to the old guard of designers, with whom we would not be here today!  That includes Albert Hadley, David Hicks, Billy Baldwin, Elsie de Wolf, and the like.
Q: What is your best design advice that you can share with readers who may be decorating their own homes?
A: It is a process and sometimes a slow one–anything worthwhile takes time.  A lot of clients want everything done yesterday.  You want a space to feel collected and curated and that takes time!  So I guess patience!
I can’t thank Jennifer and Georgie enough for taking the time out to answer my questions and share their work here on the blog. Be sure to follow along on the J+G Design Instagram and blog to keep up with Jennifer and Georgie’s comings and goings in NYC and catch sneak peeks of their current projects.
More interviews right this way!
all images used courtesy of J+G Design. Last image by Bekka Palmer.

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  1. Elana wrote:

    I loved this interview! Their work is incredible and it was so interesting to learn more about their process and what inspires them. I also love the beautiful graphic you made.

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  2. Jen wrote:

    Love this interview! Thanks for introducing me to them, they have incredible taste!! PS Your site looks AMAZING! Congrats Jackie 🙂

    xo, Jen

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