Hampton Designer Showhouse 2014

How would you like this for a summer house? Located in Bridgehampton on Eastern Long Island, this lovely abode was the site of this year’s Hampton Designer Showhouse. I visited with my Mom earlier in the summer and we had a great time perusing all of the amazing rooms put together by talented interior designers like Tobi Fairley, Pheobe Howard, India Hicks, and many more. The truth is, there’s probably never going to be a time in my life when I will be invited inside one of these incredible Hamptons houses (I’m not friends with any millionaires currently), so besides being amazing to see the great things that the interior designers do, it’s also just super fun to get a peek inside these amazing mansions. A million rooms, a gigantic airy kitchen, a pool house in the backyard, (plus an amazing pool), a bedroom with a terrace…yup, I could get used to that mighty quick….if I had an extra $14,495,000 laying around. Yeah, that’s the list price for the house.

This was right in the front entry hall. Of course, with my love for busts, I was obsessed with this. 
The birds-eye view of the pool, from the bedroom terrace. The pool area was designed by India Hicks, with furnishings from Frontgate
Outside by the pool was this fun little cabana-porch area designed by Anna Tarasoff Interiors. It was colorful and there was candy on the table, so I was thrilled. Especially loved that lucite tray with the neon bottom. 

Better view of the tray.

Cute little bar area so you can have a cocktail while you lounge by the pool (not for real, it was more for make-believe). There was really candy on the table though, which I totally ate.

 I thought using this blown up magazine cover as art was so cool, and the colors and theme went perfectly with the poolside cabana vibe.

There’s the pool house, with the interior designed by Bakes and Kropp.

I LOVED the pool house. Basically everything about it was just perfectly inviting and fresh, crisp but warm. It had this perfect airy, relaxed-elegant vibe. I love the subtle pattern on the couch which coordinates perfectly with the patterned curtains, the color of the wicker chairs, the slate floors with a natural rug on top, and the perfect warm shade of gray on the walls.

I loved these baskets with the towels in them. Beachy-chic!

This was probably my favorite bedroom, designed by Phoebe Howard. Lots to love in this soothing blue sanctuary, starting with the canopy bed and the beautiful abstract art on the wall.

I ADORE that bedding! So beautiful. Also (you can only see a glimpse), that antique looking blue and ivory rug…beautiful. Also love the chambray-looking bench with the books. It all coordinates so perfectly.

See how they hung a picture inside the canopy? So interesting.

Cozy writing desk next to the bed. Right out the window you can see a view of the backyard and pool. Sigh.

Pretty amazing seashell mirror.

Loved this colorful hallway console vignette. Big fan of that lucite tray!

There was tons more to see but that’s just my favorite highlights. Anyway, the showhouse is over for this year (it ended on September 1st), but it’s an annual event so if you’re in the area definitely consider going next year!

You can also check out the post I did on the 2013 Hampton Designer Showhouse right here.

iPhone snaps by me and my mom

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  1. Leslie wrote:

    What a neat opportunity! Since I also am not rubbing elbows with millionaires, I cannot imagine how fun it was to walk through and see all the beautiful spaces by all the different designers. That pool house is divine!

    Published 9.3.14 · Reply
    • Isn't it beautiful? It was one of my favorite parts. Thanks so much Leslie!

      Published 9.3.14 · Reply
  2. Amanda wrote:

    Good lord. I think I need to move to NYC. That's where all of the great design is going on. Seriously. This house is amazing and you got to see the inside of it!! I just watched that movie The Other Woman, which takes place part of the time in the Hamptons and my mom and I were just talking about how expensive the houses are there. Or how about the Hamptons house in Something's Gotta Give? If you've never seen the movie, you should just to see the house. It's incredible. My favorite movie house of all time! Okay, I'm done drooling now lol.

    Published 9.3.14 · Reply
    • That totally makes me want to see The Other Woman. I actually read the book it was based on and liked it. And I just saw a little article about the Hamptons house in Something's Gotta Give, wish I could remember where. They used a house in Southampton I think it said (though in the movie it was supposed to be Sagaponack), and it was CRAZY expensive, of course! And utterly gorgeous!

      Published 9.5.14 · Reply
  3. So so amazing! I want to move in immediately. Your photos are fab!

    Published 9.9.14 · Reply
  4. Anna Lee wrote:

    That's so exciting that you got to go to the Show House! Your pictures were great! 🙂

    Published 9.10.14 · Reply