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Everlane has released a new collection of linen tees and tanks, which is very tempting. I definitely have an overabundance of their tops in my closet already, but I can’t help imagining how light and airy they would be for the hot, humid summer days ahead.

J and G Design (read my interview with them here!) put together a stunning office for the annual Housing Works Design on a Dime event. How cool is that blue wall treatment?

Deliciously Ella is a favorite blogger of mine, even though I eat nothing like she does. However, the pear and vanilla smoothie she demonstrates in the video above looks like something I could get behind. In it she uses vanilla powder, which I found very intriguing…I’ve never heard of it, and yet I am obsessed with vanilla.  I looked it up and found some info here, in case you’re similarly curious! I wonder if you could use it the same way you use cocoa powder…also kind of want to try bee pollen now.

Famed San Fransisco bakery Tartine is opening in New York! So excited for that.

I liked this article describing a few small, easy tweaks you can incorporate into your daily routine to feel a little lighter and healthier…really makes me want to get a Fitbit (especially once I discovered they make a neon pink version). These tips actually seem doable and sustainable, rather than like a massive lifestyle change that just feels monumentally difficult to undertake.

I’ve been a fan of Jane Mount (of Ideal Bookshelf fame) for quite some time now, so I loved getting to know a little more about her through this interview on the Simply Framed blog.

Recently I went to a somewhat upscale brunch hosted at an apartment on Park Avenue, and saw a girl wearing a striped midi skirt that looked so cute and chic. I was happy to later see it on someone’s Instagram and learn that it was from J. Crew! I ordered it and I think it’s going to be great for any occasions over the summer when I need to be a tad dressier. It’s also 25% off currently with code SHOPNOW.

This got a great review in the New York Times Book section, so I’m thinking of picking it up for my next read!

Last but not least, I’ve jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon! You can follow me @jclair24, if you’d like. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Ali wrote:

    Stealing my links I SEE!

    Let’s get some vanilla powder! Not sure what Id use it in…maybe very vanilla granola?

    Published 5.8.15 · Reply
  2. HMC wrote:

    Love your book suggestions–I just finished “A Little Life” and it was amazing (super depressing, but still great!)

    Published 5.8.15 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      I’m so glad you liked it! I loved it as well, although yes…super, incredibly depressing. I’m going to write a review on the blog next week!

      Published 5.8.15 · Reply
  3. Dara wrote:

    Thanks for the link to our interview with Jane. We’re big fans of hers too!

    Published 5.8.15 · Reply