Garance Dore x Rifle Paper Co. Open Studio

Garance Dore stationery at the Open Studio in New York City

On Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Garance Dore x Rifle Paper Co. Open Studio at 168 Bowery. This pop-up shop to celebrate the launch of Garance’s first paper line, and Rifle’s first time collaborating with another brand, was basically perfection to me. I’ve been a big, big fan of Rifle Paper Co. for years and have amassed quite the collection of their notepads, prints, coasters, cards, and calendars. Anna Bond (who started Rifle with her husband) is the illustrator and creative director for Rifle, and she is just so talented. Her work is unique, recognizable, pretty and elegant. Rifle’s products are a bit whimsical (which lends them their unique charm), but they still retain a sense of elegance and simplicity. I’m also a big admirer of Garance Dore’s chic French aesthetic, so honestly, could a better collaboration exist in the world? The melding of these two brands was practically too much for my brain to process. Both Garance and Anna were at the event, and they, and their teams, could not have been more friendly and gracious to everyone. The products and just the whole vibe and aesthetic of the room were perfect…I don’t know how else to describe it! Hopefully the pictures are worth a thousand words.

Garance Dore's paper goods on display at 168 Bowery

A photograph taken by Garance Dore, framed and displayed at the Open Studio in New York City
In addition to being an amazing illustrator, Garance does photography as well. Some of her work was on display, as you can see above. 
A birthday card created by Garance Dore in collaboration with Rifle Paper Co.

Items from Rifle’s new spring line were absolutely gorgeous and perfectly cheery.  

Love this coffee table. 

Garance’s amazing wall decals adorned the windows (which got pretty fogged up later in the day as you can see!)

Garance Dore at her pop-up shop for her collaboration with Rifle Paper Co.
You can only barely tell in this pic but Garance is wearing a hot pink (almost neon) sweater under a light gray coat, and she looked so stylish. I used to have a sweater that color and I now curse myself for getting rid of it!
Besides just being an awesome thing to attend, shop, and get to experience, this is my dream thing to photograph. I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of pretty products (which I’m sure is clear by the amount of photography that I do of pretty objects in my own home). So to get to take pics of gorgeous new products that I’ve never seen, created by two amazingly talented people (especially Rifle products, because as I said, been obsessed for years), in a totally awesome space where photography was welcome, was like my dream “assignment.” Granted, taking pictures in a crazily crowded place like this, on the fly, with no control over the conditions is hard for a beginner for like me (not like in my apartment where I can control the placement, lighting, and everything), but I thoroughly enjoyed attempting it!

Anyway, shop Garance’s paper line here. So many gorgeous items, and just so cool to see what the melding of two fantastically talented (yet very different) minds can create. 
all photos by me

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  1. This is incredible! Definitely one of those "can I have one of each, please?" moments. And I know I say this all the time, but girl your pictures are great! Even when you can't control the lighting 🙂

    Published 4.2.14 · Reply
    • Well-said…one of each is what I wanted to take :). And thank you so so much for being so sweet :).

      Published 4.2.14 · Reply
  2. Alyssa wrote:

    I absolutely love Garance! I heard her speak at a conference once and I've been such a fan since! So wish I could have made it to see this over the weekend!

    Runway Chef

    Published 4.2.14 · Reply
    • I've become a bigger fan after meeting her as well! She was so gracious and so kind to everyone who visited the shop. Such a charming, poised person.

      Published 4.2.14 · Reply
  3. Hunter wrote:

    This sounds like so much fun! I love the collaboration pieces so much!

    Prep on a Budget

    Published 4.2.14 · Reply
  4. Chelsea wrote:

    I adore Garance! Even though I couldn't attend the event (boo!) I watched the videos and she seems like such a genuinely nice and funny girl. I loved your recap!


    Published 4.2.14 · Reply
  5. Alexis wrote:

    I don't know how you managed to get such great shots in that tiny, packed space! Well done you! And for sticking around to get that signed print (antiques roadshow in 40 years……just sayin! ; )

    Published 4.2.14 · Reply
  6. What adorable products!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 4.3.14 · Reply