2013 Holiday House: Part II

As promised yesterday, here’s Part II of my trip to the 2013 Holiday House (Part I is here, if you missed it!)
One of my favorite spaces in the house was right off the front entryway, a petite “Ladies Lounge” designed by Franklin Eighth. These vases immediately caught my eye; all of those little petals are, unexpectedly, made of glass. 
I’m a big fan of black and white art, so I loved these.

Quirky little boxes with a golden interior and a face on the outside.
Loved the graphic flooring as well.

Gorgeous wallpaper and a textural piece of art.

Another favorite space was the Sweet Sixteen room by Weitzman Halpern Designs, which had so many fun details like this gorgeous lamp, lucite side table, and Instagram wall…also that throw blanket was crazy soft. 
Good question, Barbie.

Chanel, Bebe…who can tell the difference?

Here’s a hallway vignette entitled that I loved, by Jennifer Beek and Georgie Hambright of J+G Designs. One of the designers (who was very sweet and friendly, by the way) was there to tell us about the space, entitled “A Painterly Christmas.” The artwork serves as an example of the young designers’ modern sensibilities mixed with their training under more traditional mentors (it reminded me of this). They also custom designed the upholstered piece, (what a cool, unique shape) and had it covered in  a gorgeous fabric reminiscent of little paint dabs.
I was so fascinated by the painting that I honestly forgot to photograph the rest of the space, but check out their Instagram to see the amazing wall hangings. I’m also mad at myself for not getting a snap of the gorgeous custom light fixtures-all the more reason why if you’re in NYC, you must visit The Holiday House! Too many good details to capture them all.

Also, at showhouses (for those who’ve never been), in each room the designer provides a stack of cards for visitors to take. They’re not traditional business cards, but rather a larger card that has the designer’s information on it, and usually a picture of another room they’ve designed or the room that you’re seeing in the showhouse. I personally love when the card has the room from the showhouse on it, either an illustration or a photograph, because then it serves as memento/reminder of what you’ve seen. Anyway, J+G had one of the cutest ones of the day.
The top floor was all about the analogy between sports and the battle against cancer, and served as a tribute to some inspiring breast cancer survivors.  Also, it was a total glammed-out man cave, so if you’re looking to drag your husband/boyfriend/dad to this-just send him to the top floor. 
By the way, I shared some blogging tips yesterday over on the Talented Talkers blog-you can check it out here if you’d like!

all photographs by me

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  1. Alli wrote:

    The vases are beautiful, as are your photos!

    Published 12.3.13 · Reply
  2. Bhreagh wrote:

    Wow, thats so cool! I would love to see this!

    Published 12.3.13 · Reply
  3. chantelle wrote:

    This is all so fantastic! It actually makes me want to re-decorate my apartment, which is a NO GO with my funding.

    Published 12.3.13 · Reply
  4. Becky M wrote:

    I love the ballet slippers and the gossip magazine rack! So cute!


    Published 12.3.13 · Reply
  5. Holly Kvinge wrote:

    So pretty! I love those …vases? White flowery things, haha. Whatever they are they are so pretty!

    Published 12.3.13 · Reply
  6. Pinned just about everything on this page. Love your festiveness — the apt turned out great! Happy happy happy holidays, Jackie ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published 12.3.13 · Reply
  7. Thanks Hallie! Happy holidays to you as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published 12.4.13 · Reply
  8. Haha, I know, wasn't sure either-I guess you could fit one flower in each at least ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published 12.4.13 · Reply
  9. Thanks, I loved those too!

    Published 12.4.13 · Reply
  10. Same here…no re-decorating this month ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published 12.4.13 · Reply
  11. Thanks, glad you liked it!

    Published 12.4.13 · Reply
  12. Thank you so much, Alli!

    Published 12.4.13 · Reply
  13. Hi Holly, They're so pretty, aren't they? They're Lladro's Canvas Tapestry vases! http://bit.ly/18CzzYU

    Published 12.4.13 · Reply
  14. Thank you Alli! They are Lladro's Canvas Tapestry vases! http://bit.ly/18CzzYU x, Sarah of Franklin Eighth

    Published 12.4.13 · Reply
  15. Jackie, Thank for including Franklin Eighth in your Holiday House roundup!! Your pics of all the spaces are fantastic and we're so happy that you visited the house! x, Sarah and Tina of FranklinEighth.com

    Published 12.4.13 · Reply
  16. Thank you so much! I loved the house and I'm so happy that it introduced me to your lovely work.

    Published 12.5.13 · Reply