Embellished to Perfection

Nina Garcia in Burberry Prorsum | York Avenue

I’ve long loved Nina Garcia’s style on Project Runway (and off). She always looks incredibly elegant and polished, but with amazing textural, edgy details thrown in. When I saw her wearing the embellished Burberry Prorsum top seen above, I couldn’t get it out of my mind – but at 4,495.00, it’s just slightly out of my price range. With embellishments being such a big trend right now, it wasn’t difficult to find some budget friendlier options that I love just as much:

My favorite pick:
Mango sweater | York Avenue
Mango Eyelet Sweater

 Topshop Knitted Embellished Jumper

I’m not at all sure that I could pull this one off, but there’s something about it that I like:

Mango Embellished Knit Sweater | York Avenue

Mango Embellished Knit Sweater

Wendy Eyelet Bowler Bag | York Avenue

Wendy Eyelet Bowler Bag

I absolutely LOVE this one below, which was posted a few days ago on Le Catch. Is everyone familiar with Le Catch? It’s the blog of Marlien Rentmeester, who used to work as an editor for Lucky. She has a really distinctive sense of style and posts great finds that she comes across daily-like this amazing chain trimmed tee:

All Saints Ita tee | York Avenue

All Saints Ita Tee

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  1. Signe wrote:

    Love the first top!! xx


    Published 10.9.13 · Reply
  2. Holly Kvinge wrote:

    I love the mango top! And I've got to say, I think Nina looks better in that top than the model!

    Published 10.10.13 · Reply
  3. That one is my favorite too! And you're so right, Nina looks better than the model.

    Published 10.11.13 · Reply