Cuyana NYC Pop-Up

Hey guys! Dropping in to let you know that Cuyana has popped up in NYC – they’re at Aurate on the Upper East Side today until 7PM. If you’re in the area you can stop in for live monogramming and to browse their gorgeous collection of bags, totes, pouches, and more. I’ve been a fan of Cuyana for years and I’m always excited when they come to the city!

The folks over at Cuyana are so sweet and sent me their Saddle Bag in Quartz as a gift. I’m SO excited because I’ve been wanting one of their bags forever and this one is especially lovely. During the colder months I wear so much black (and almost all of my winter bags are black), so this is going to be a perfect contrast. I think it will really stand out against all of my dark coats, providing a perfect antidote to those chilly months of winter! I really love the gold detailing and the texture of the suede flap against the leather body of the bag. The bag is made in Italy of premium Italian leather – you can see the quality immediately. So, so pretty!

Cuyana’s travel pouches are also gorgeously sleek and perfect for travel. The sets are chic and simple, and I love the pink option especially (duh :). It’s a shade that falls perfectly between peach and blush, making them feminine without being too sweet.

Have a great weekend and hope you can swing in to the pop-up!

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