Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How You Can Help


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so today I want to share some ways you can help by supporting an amazing organization called the Breast Treatment Task Force. The BTTF provides breast cancer screenings, treatments, diagnostic follow-ups and education to women in NYC who are uninsured. In my opinion, nobody should be unable to access medical screenings or treatment because they can’t afford it – nor should anyone have to go into debt to get those routine screenings or the treatment they need for an illness like breast cancer. I really admire the BTTF for helping women in NYC to avoid such terrible scenarios.

You can donate to the Breast Treatment Task Force and your money will go towards helping an uninsured woman get a mammogram, a sonogram, or other necessary screenings and treatment. In addition, you can support the the BTTF by utilizing Amazon Smile and choosing them as your designated charity.

If you live in New York City, you can also help to support the BTTF this month in tons of fun ways. There are lots of businesses that are partnering up with the organization to host great events and promotions in which money is donated:

Magnolia Bakery has a super cute and delish pink cupcake for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you can also donate at the register. Every dollar raised delivers eight dollars in medical care to uninsured patients!

Butterfly Studio Salon is cutting and styling hair with 100% of proceeds going towards the BTTF.

Chaise Fitness is hosting a special day of classes on October 24th at their Flatiron location, with proceeds going towards the BTTF.

Felice 64 ( an adorable wine bar/Italian restaurant I’ve always wanted to try) will be serving strawberry panna cotta and a pink martini – when you order these items, 50% of the proceeds go to charity. This is also available at their Felice 83 and Felice 15 Gold Street locations.

Joe Coffee (one of my favorite coffee shops) is partnering with the BTTF through drink specials and donations at the register. They have locations all over the city and really good coffee, so this is a great month to try them out if you happen to pass by!

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental is offering special spa treatments to benefit BTTF. For bookings call 212-805-8880.

Other businesses that are offering specials and events to benefit the BTTF include Joanne Trattoria (owned by Lady Gaga’s father!), Qdoba, Bottino, Chop-Shop, Vinateria, The Movement, Mira Sushi Izakaya, Be Fit NYC, Body and Pole (if you’re looking to try pole-dancing classes!), Blue Dog Kitchen, and Uplift Studios. If you would like to find out how you can help through these businesses, simply pop in or contact them via their websites.

So basically you can do tons of fun stuff – grab a sweet treat, eat at a new restaurant, try a cool workout class, get a spa treatment, or just grab a cup of coffee, and at the same time help this awesome organization provide healthcare to uninsured women. It’s a win-win!

photo by me

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