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Loving the summery vibe of this green and pink Rifle Paper Co. notepad
Really glad that I snagged this black and white striped J. Crew tray that I blogged about here. It’s a classic little piece that I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of. 
Inslee’s illustration from her 2012 calendar perfectly captures that breezy summer feeling. 
Got tea roses for the first time. They died almost immediately (so annoying), but I loved their pretty, dusty rose color while they lasted. 

My sister and I made these sticky sesame chicken wings from Smitten Kitchen, and they were so easy and tasty! I can’t wait to make them again, but with bigger chicken pieces.

When I saw this picture on Cup of Jo, I had to know where those sandals were from. Turns out, Target! For $20. None of the other sandals I tried this summer really fit the bill, so I returned them all and am going with these. I love them and am crossing my fingers that they won’t give me blisters (and if they do, welp, I only wasted 20 bucks, not 100). Yay, bargain shopping 🙂

The sunsets this summer have been seriously beautiful. I’ve never appreciated my west-facing view more! 
Have a great weekend!
photos by me, except for photo of girl in dress, which is by Julia Robbs via Cup of Jo

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  1. Beautiful photos, as always! So sad about the tea roses… at least they gave you a few moments of pretty :).

    Have a great weekend!

    Published 7.18.14 · Reply
  2. Love that little black and white tray so, so much!

    Published 7.18.14 · Reply
  3. That chicken looks delicious!!

    All That Glitters

    Published 7.18.14 · Reply
  4. Holly wrote:

    What a beautiful sunset! I love that notepad, and I'm a huge fan of picking up a pair of summer sandals each year at Target

    Published 7.19.14 · Reply
  5. I was in a wedding recently and had tea roses in my bouquet! I dried the arrangement, but they shriveled into nothing. What a finicky flower!

    If the Target sandals give you blisters, try Band Aid friction block. It is seriously a lifesaver for me.

    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 7.19.14 · Reply
    • Thanks for the tip, sounds better than regular Band-Aids which I usually use! xoxo

      Published 7.21.14 · Reply
  6. Loving your photos this week! I agree, the sunsets have been so beautiful this summer… Have you seen a Manhattenenge?

    Great Target find, too! So cute.

    Hope you had a great weekend!
    x, Hallie

    Published 7.20.14 · Reply
    • Thanks Hallie! I haven't seen one but from everyone's pictures on Insta I can tell they've been gorgeous! Hope you had a great weekend as well 🙂 xoxo

      Published 7.21.14 · Reply