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For so long I’ve been so obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. and Sugar Paper that I’ve basically ignored all other offerings from the world of stationery. That changed recently when I was introduced to Appointed – a chic line of clean, classic, and minimalist desktop items with just the right details to elevate them above the everyday. Appointed is the creation of graphic designer Suann Song, who created the company as a Kickstarter and recently debuted her line at NY Now, a huge, biannual trade show for the best in home and lifestyle products. I was excited to get the chance to ask Suann a few questions about Appointed, so I’ll let her take the reins in telling you guys all of the things that make this brand unique:

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How would you describe the overall aesthetic of Appointed Co.?

The aesthetic of the Appointed brand is minimalist and classic. I’m really inspired by minimalist design, really good craftsmanship and utilitarian objects, and these inspirations directly inform the design of each of our products and our overall brand.

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Gum eraser – $1.50

Can you tell us about your background and how you wound up where you are today with Appointed?
I founded a graphic design company (SIMPLESONG Design) 8 years ago. I started the company after learning how to letterpress print — which I still love — it’s a perfect combination of my love for paper and clean design. We now specialize in branding and specialty printing and the branding side of our work is still going strong and something I’ll continue alongside Appointed.
I’ve had the idea for Appointed for a couple of years. It came from my love of paper and seeing a gap in the market for refined, gender-neutal and American-made desktop products. Almost two years ago I sat down and designed what would be me my perfect line of desktop products. From there I researched manufacturing, prototyped products, figured out funding and developed a plan to launch and build the brand. We officially launched in March through a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign and we’re working nonstop to continually roll out thoughtful products and strategically build the brand.
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Appointed began as a Kickstarter campaign, which is so cool! What do you think got people interested in funding your company?
We loved doing Kickstarter and we’re so thankful for the response from our Kickstarter backers! The funds raised from the campaign truly helped kickstart the brand. I believe a big part of our success was that we wholeheartedly believe in our product and the gap it fills in the marketplace and I think our backers understood that and they were compelled to support us. It’s been great to see the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Kickstarter backers and to see them come back for more notebooks.
Which are your favorite items?
The notebooks — it’s our our signature product — besides my laptop and phone, my notebook is part of my everyday work. I also love what a new notebook represents — it’s an opportunity for a new start, new ideas and possibilities. Every detail of our notebooks is considered and we put so much time and effort to create what we believe is the perfect notebook!
And, some of our simple, everyday paper goods are also among my favorites — including our adhesive notes and document folders. Surprisingly, it’s hard to find simple but functional sticky notes so we decided to create them.  Same with our document folder — it goes to every meeting with me and is the perfect way to organize all my loose papers.  

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You recently had a booth at NY Now, which I imagine must have been an amazing experience! Can you tell us about it?

It was amazing. I knew early on that I wanted to launch our wholesale program at market in New York so we were planning for it for a while. It was great to talk about the brand and receive first-hand feedback from buyers and press. The response was more than I could have expected and we’re excited by the shops that picked us up at NY Now.
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Where do you envision Appointed going in the future?
My goal and hope is that we are a leading maker of America-made desktop and paper products. I would love to be a go-to for anyone, male or female, who wants beautiful and functional desktop goods.

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Thank you so much to Suann for answering my questions! I’m such a fan of Appointed’s chic, minimal aesthetic – very Everlane, yes? Their items are clean-lined and beautiful, and I think they would really set the tone for a calming, productive, and creative workspace. I love that Suann has has created a line of desktop goods that are gender-neutral and American-made – two qualities that are all too rare and deserve accolades, in my opinion. I can’t wait to use my new desktop items and I’m excited to follow along as this company continues to grow!

photos by me, with the exception of NY Now photo provided by Appointed. 

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  1. My friend gave me one of these notebooks and I am SO in love!

    Published 9.18.15 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Same here, love the notebooks!

      Published 9.18.15 · Reply
  2. I supported their Kickstarter campaign and was so thrilled to receive my notebook! I can’t wait to order more…it is all so beautifully + thoughtfully made.

    Published 9.18.15 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      That’s so awesome Susan! I love that you did that…I definitely see their items fitting your aesthetic!

      Published 9.18.15 · Reply
  3. Suann wrote:

    Thanks so much for this lovely feature. So glad you love the products – means a great deal! Kidnly,

    Published 9.22.15 · Reply