A Quick Note

Hi guys! I hope you all had a fun Labor Day weekend. Still feels like summer here in NYC but there’s definitely a hint of fall in the air.

I spent the weekend working on the Unit 5 (of 6) project for the interior design course I’m taking through the New York Institute of Art and Design (if you follow me on Insta you might have seen the peek I showed on Stories). I’ve been working on this course for a long time and I’m really trying to wrap it on up. As it’s progressed it’s gotten to be a lot more time-consuming, and I really need to put all of my spare time into it.

Unfortunately between working, blogging, the course, and other stuff, there isn’t all that much spare time…so something’s gotta give, right?? I don’t want to at all, but I’m going to have to take a quick break from the blog. Because of my work schedule I have to photograph/edit/write all of my posts for the week on the weekends, and this weekend (even with the three days), I really couldn’t because of working on the course and various other things. So I’ll definitely have to take this week off (although I might pop in with one quick thing), and might be posting a little more sporadically for the next few weeks. Probably no one even actually cares but I just didn’t want to seem flaky or do a disappearing act.

I have so much to share in terms of the design schemes I’m making for the course, and also everything that’s going on in my own apartment – artwork I’ve added, a DIY project I undertook, a vintage piece I’ve incorporated, an amazing Housing Works score, bookshelf styling…argh I want to post about it all so bad!…but I can’t right at this moment. I need to be mature and prioritize what needs to be prioritized right now. It’s so hard to do everything all at once, right?

Hope y’all understand and I hope to get back to consistent posts again very soon!

Thanks for reading, as always! xoxo

Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

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  1. Erica wrote:

    Good luck on your project! I’ll be reading whenever you get back to regular posting. 🙂

    Published 9.4.17 · Reply
  2. Good for you for prioritizing, and yes, good luck on your project!

    Published 9.5.17 · Reply
  3. It totally happens! I’ve taken a few blogging breaks when work or school has just gotten too busy. Do what you have to do girl!

    Published 9.5.17 · Reply
  4. Rhiannon wrote:

    Don’t worry about it at all! It’s important to prioritize: best of luck on finishing your course! 🙂

    Published 9.5.17 · Reply