An Amazing Thrift Store Find

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before (perhaps multiple times?), I’ve long had a love for vintage furniture. I definitely have my fair share of West Elm and Pottery Barn pieces in my apartment, but I think every space benefits from something with a little patina. Not only is a vintage piece likely to be something that no one else has, but it also adds character and a sense of individuality. Not to mention, vintage shopping is fun! It’s a treasure hunt and you never know when you’ll come across a hidden gem – which is what I’m here to show you today. My best thrift store find to date–a loop chair!

The loop chair is an iconic piece created by designer Frances Elkins in the 1930s, examples of which sell for thousands of dollars on 1st dibs. Bungalow 5 makes a reproduction which is what I found. The big difference between the original loop chair and the Bungalow 5 version (that I’ve noticed) is that the original Frances Elkins chair has loops on the side of the bottom of the seat, while mine has a loop on the front. There are probably other differences too…I won’t be taking this to Antiques Roadshow anytime soon but I’m definitely still thrilled with it!

Guys, this chair is awesome. The coolest thing is that I’d been wanting one for a while, and even considered buying it (nuts, because it’s so expensive) and then crazily enough, I happened upon it in the window of Housing Works! This is an $800 chair and I got it for A HUNDRED BUCKS! I mean, is there anything more satisfying? I was so excited when I saw it and after some quick deliberating (and a call to my Mom), I scooped it up and carried it the few blocks to my apartment.

Overall it’s in great condition…the seat upholstery is a pretty neutral linen and looks brand new, and aside from a few dings in the paint, the frame looks great as well! Clearly this piece didn’t get a lot of use…lucky for me! I like the linen upholstery but I would love to cover the seat in a fun patterned fabric at some point in the future.

Nate Berkus recently said that 90% of the the things in his home are either vintage or antiques, and while at first that surprised me, it makes so much sense! As I’m learning more about design, I’m realizing more and more that designers consistently look to the past when it comes to creating fresh interior spaces for today.

Do you like to incorporate vintage into your space…and more importantly…do you have any awesome sources to share? πŸ™‚

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  1. That is a great find! The price can’t be beat and the design is so pretty! I wish I had the patience to shop thrift stores but I don’t. Once I get an idea of a piece I want I hurry and buy it (if I can afford it) and I never wait to see if I can find something in a thrift store. I’m also not handy so I can’t really re-upholster or re-paint things.

    Published 11.17.17 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      I’m not handy either, which can be frustrating when it comes to wanting to make things over! I actually am going to use a furniture refinisher to redo a vintage piece I have. I totally get what you mean about not wanting to wait – I think thrift stores are good for little pieces like side tables or extra chairs, or mirrors, where you don’t really need them immediately and you can wait for something good to pop up.

      Published 11.19.17 · Reply
  2. Alex wrote:

    Nice find! I especially like the cut-outs in the front legs. This makes me want to go on the hunt for vintage furniture.

    Published 11.17.17 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      It’s so fun! I wish I could go thrifting every weekend now haha πŸ™‚

      Published 11.19.17 · Reply
  3. Gretchen wrote:

    That is a beautiful chair. I found a vintage chair once that I still have. I love it when you happen upon great finds like that.

    Published 11.21.17 · Reply