A Personalized Gift Idea


As I’ve mentioned before, I think the best kinds of gifts are personalized gifts. I came across this cool three-dimensional art from Sarah and Bendrix, and I think it could make such a unique and meaningful present. It’s a shadow-box of sorts that consists of these tiny paper hearts, which on their own are very textural and pretty – but the cool thing is that you can personalize it by having them print something meaningful inside one of the hearts. See the printed heart in the picture? I love how subtle it is – you almost wouldn’t notice it unless someone pointed it out, which makes it even cooler. It can be a name, a date, a word….whatever you like. If you were buying for a significant other you could do the name of the place you met, the date you met, or some other special thing between the two of you. But really it could work for anyone, no matter the relationship.



They offer free gift wrapping as well, which is a nice touch. Could make a great Valentines Day gift!

I also like this little gift box they have:



“Only the curious have something to find”…I like that.

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  1. Dorothy wrote:

    Nice idea, love it

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