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Every day at lunch I’ve been making myself this Clementine Sunshine Smoothie from Cookie and Kate. It’s really tasty (Creamsicle-esque), super quick and easy to make, and very refreshing – it really is a little dose of sunshine and summer in this cold, dark winter (bonus: it’s the prettiest shade of peachy orange). Tip: make sure you freeze your bananas (after peeling them) to get a thicker, more slush like texture.

To make my smoothies, I’ve been using this blender and loving it. It’s really easy to use and much easier to clean than a conventional blender.

Kate Ignatowski is hands down the most talented photographer that I know. She shot my home tour for The Everygirl and is the person who inspired me to take up photography. Recently on her blog she shared a newborn shoot that she did of little baby Vivian, and the images are legitimately jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Drooling over this Girl Scout French Toast that my favorite food writer Melissa Clark created for the New York Times Dining section. Yummm. Watching the accompanying video made me realize what my actual dream job is: being part of the crew that films her videos, so that I could get to eat the food she’s demonstrating!

Love, love this slightly edgy, simple, and elegant necklace. Will definitely be purchasing soon!

Not only am I working on thinning out my book collection (as I discussed in this post), but I’m also working through my wardrobe and discarding seldom used or redundant items. In order to get rid of these unwanted pieces and make a little money back in the process, I’ve been using Thredup (discovered via Victoria’s blog). It couldn’t be easier and I’ve already made a bit of cash back while cleaning out my closet. Win-win!

Speaking of clothes…I indulged in one of Everlane’s new arrivals: the marled sweatshirt in navy (I had a store credit so it doesn’t count as shopping!), and I love it! It’s cozy but light, and the marled effect gives it a sort of laid-back, tomboyish look. Next up, I’m thinking of trying one of their new striped tees.

I was very intrigued to read this list and see which of these books soon coming to the big screen are ones that I’ve read and enjoyed. I loved The Zookeeper’s Wife so I’m pretty interested to see how that will turn out, and of course, super interested to see The Goldfinch come to life!

Rifle Paper Co. is having a 15% off sale on their art prints through Monday. They have so many pretty ones, so this would be a great time to add to your art collection! I have (and love), this one, this one, this one, and this one (which I posted about recently here)….sheesh, didn’t quite realize I had so many!

With the Oscars fast approaching, I was totally intrigued by this article in the Times Style section about stars who are rebelling against (or at least voicing annoyance with) the intense scrutiny of their red carpet gowns. Seems that many would prefer that the red carpet interviews focus on something of more depth, rather than just “who” the female actors are wearing. In particular (and hilariously), the rebellion is played out by certain stars boycotting (or giving the finger to) E’s “mani-cam.” I personally LOVE seeing the red carpet dresses (and reading the commentary on them the next day), even if it does pretty much reduce the red carpet interviews with the female actors to frivolity. I say, ask them about their dress AND about something of more depth. Wherever you stand on it, this was an interesting read.

Lastly, looking for a heart-shaped recipe to make this weekend? Try this!

Have a lovely weekend!

West Village photo by me

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  1. Lia wrote:

    Love everything about this post! I actually just bought this blender after your recommendation — have been looking for something that is reasonably priced — I can't bring myself to spend money on a vitamix! I really just want something for smoothies in the morning. Also, I just recently purchased some things from everlane, so excited to try them out! I have heard such great things. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

    Published 2.15.15 · Reply
    • Thank you Lia! So glad you liked the post. I considered the Vitamix for a long time too, then I got realistic with myself and realized I was likely only going to use it for smoothies, and def. did not want to spend 400 dollars on a blender! I hope you like the blender, I find it really easy to use. Hope you have a great weekend as well!

      Published 2.15.15 · Reply
  2. Cara wrote:

    Love these post… they always provide such fun & interesting info that I wouldnt known otherwise πŸ™‚

    Published 2.17.15 · Reply