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I always like to give a little week in review in these posts, but it’s hard when things around the country and world are so…crazy. And terrible. I mean, let’s be honest…no matter how great our lives are, we’re all dealing with our own struggles on a daily basis…and that can be hard in itself. But then there’s the state of the US and the world currently…the violence in Charlottesville….a “president” who defends neo-Nazis and the KKK, the horrific terrorist attack in Barcelona…add it all together, and it’s hard not to feel a heavy weight on your shoulders – and I’m sure many of you are feeling the same. If you’re paying attention, it’s just sad and honestly kind of depressing.

How do you guys keep your heads up when the state of the world and your country feels so, so low? Dumb as it may sound, the only thing that keeps me from feeling insane is going on Twitter and seeing how not-alone I am in feeling appalled at current events. And people on Twitter are funny, man. If you can’t laugh during times like these, you really will go insane.

Anyway, that’s just what’s been on my mind this week…how could it not be? But distractions are still nice, right?? So here are some fun links for ya…and hope you all have a lovely weekend.

“Always use color on the ceiling,” and other colorful decorating tips from Celerie Kemble.

Having a tough time deciding between this or this for my bedroom…

Target’s new home decor line (arriving September 19th), looks SO super chic and expensive! Honestly, I’m a little shocked!

Just ordered this for fall – another army jacket! But this one is quilted, so it’s totally different πŸ™‚

Wise words.

This castle and palace tour looks amazing.

Some great historical fiction recs.

Ugh I want these so badddd!

A fun interview with Studio McGee.

Biscuit Home has stationery now! So pretty.

How pretty is this dress? Looove the flouncy hem.

Have you guys ever heard of Margaux New York? My shoe situation is in dire straits so I ordered these…hope they fit. Will report back!

images via Studio McGee – and PS, totally want to paint my white dresser gray like in that first photo.

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