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It’s going to be 99 degrees in NYC this weekend – not a good look for the city. Which is why I’m rather happy to be leaving for the weekend – heading home to Long Island for a family event and hanging by the pool – the only place to be when it’s freaking 99 degrees outside! I’m bringing this book, which seems like a perfect poolside read.

An amazing NYC townhouse: On Wednesday I attended the J. McLaughlin resort/holiday press preview, and not only were the clothes and accessories gorgeous, but the backdrop was amazing – it took place in founder Kevin McLaughlin’s Upper East Side townhouse. With its high ceilings, leopard stair runner (!), cozy art- and book-filled rooms, and bright yellow front door, this space had my heart fluttering. You can see it here on Traditional Home.

Book to movie: Have you guys seen the trailer for Tulip Fever? It looks soooo good! I need to read the book before it comes out.

How did I not know about this?: My friend recently told me about Google Photos and…life. Changed. Every time I open my phone it informs me that I’m out of space on iCloud, and I kept on meaning to transfer my camera roll to my computer (which is an amazing waste of time). With Google Photos all you do is download the (free) app, and it puts your entire camera roll into their Google backup system. Then you can access them anywhere you are, with the app or by signing into Google on any computer. I also downloaded the desktop app and I think it’s going to backup all of the photos on my computer. I’m still kind of getting the hang of it, but it’s basically the most amazing thing ever.

Summer reads: This sounds like a good one.

Everything is better with a British accent: My newest obsession (and yes, I’m always like, two years behind the 8 ball on TV shows) is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. I cannot tell you how great this show is. First of all, he’s hilarious, but also they talk about the most interesting/appalling political and social topics which you would never think were interesting…or just that you had no idea were going on. Really eye-opening but also really, really funny and entertaining. His great British accent does not hurt either. If you don’t get HBO, you can see most of the content on their Youtube channel….I’d like to recommend a segment to watch first, but they’re literally all good.

What summer home dreams are made of: This Sag Harbor cottage is my dream Hamptons getaway.

A few purchases: Came to the realization that I don’t really have a good summer bag (the horror!). Every year I use my J. Crew straw bag, but it’s starting to get really old, and all of my other bags are pretty much black. I’ve been using my perforated Transport Tote but I decided to order a nude tote from Nordstrom (not on that anniversary sale you might have heard about on every single blog you read, but super well-priced nonetheless). I’ve really been wanting a nude/stone/greige tote, so we’ll see how this one is. I also ordered this cute tank (after seeing it look so good on Olivia), and this dress.

Pretty in pink: I’ve been wanting to visit Cafe Henrie for a while now but haven’t quite gotten around to it. domino recently profiled the restaurant, whose color scheme makes it an Instagram favorite (and a natural fit for my newest Pinterest board).

You can probably relate: Keep Me Posted is a new web series about friends attempting to stay in touch through a haze of social media, texting, and busy lives…sound familiar? Creator Hillary Nussbaum has done a ton of cool work in the television and film world, and is currently involved with the South Brooklyn chapter of The Filmshop, an independent filmmaking collective. You can support the series on their Seed and Spark here if you’d like!

A little design education: Ever since starting my design course I’ve been interested in learning more about architectural design styles (Tudor, Colonial, etc), so I found this infographic on iconic home design styles quite helpful…I’ll definitely be referring back to it.

OMG: Did you hear? An ICE CREAM MUSEUM is opening in NYC!

The most amazing photography: Just when I thought Kate’s newborn photography couldn’t get any more magical, she goes ahead and photographs newborn baby twins. Cute barely begins to cover it.

My wallet will thank me: how to enforce your book buying ban (I really need to get a library card).

And after watching that disheartening litany of lies last night, I leave you with this (via Curtis Sittenfeld on Twitter, where I turned for commiseration):

“It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain.


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  1. Monica wrote:

    Of course Kevin McLaughlin’s home is that pretty!! Ahh. Hope the press preview was fun…I was following along on social and had serious envy 🙂 Also this is officially finally going to make me try Google Photos…have a great weekend at home and stay cool!

    Published 7.22.16 · Reply
  2. Kay wrote:

    Thank you for the Google Photos tip! I just downloaded it onto my phone and told all my friends about it too. Also, love the quote, I was disheartened as well. We’ve got to do better as a country. Enjoy your weekend!

    Published 7.22.16 · Reply
  3. Olivia Trewatha wrote:

    You always have the best links! Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post! I love this tanks. After wearing it a few times, I went ahead and got it in white and black. Who can beat $30?!? Wishing you the best! xoxoxo, Olivia

    The Corporate Catwalk

    Published 7.25.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Of course! Just got the tank and I love it! xoxo

      Published 7.27.16 · Reply
  4. I can totally relate… I really need to get a library card too :/

    Published 7.25.16 · Reply