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I’m such a big fan of Kapito-Muller Interiors’ aesthetic and design work, so I loved this profile of the two on domino.

More gorgeous photography by Kate…and an amazingly beautiful setting for a wedding.

Obviously adored this profile of Elisabeth Holder, the co-president of Ladurée US. Gorgeous pictures at the Soho outpost and an interesting interview as well.

Um, seriously…this only reinforces my belief that I was born to live in the English countryside. That library? That coffee shop? That roaring fire…this is like my dream life.

Learn the design history behind a few of the classic, timeless prints that you see all over today, like Les Touches, Fireworks, and the Prancing Zebras.

The change of seasons + a chill in the air = perfect time to stay inside and take stock of your clothing! Apartment Therapy’s Closet Cure had some good insights and an easy to follow step-by-step guide with “assignments.” Just search “closet cure” on the site to get all ten posts.

Though I wasn’t a huge fan of the Konmari book, I like these broken-down-to-the-basics points about organizing that an editor gleaned from it.

This oatmeal recipe from Deliciously Ella looks super yummy…great idea to put apples in!

Lastly, is anyone watching The Affair, on Showtime? I randomly watched the first episode the other night and before I knew it, I’d burned through the whole first season in two days. ADDICTED. It is SO. GOOD. It’s mysterious, sexy, intriguing, and full of stellar performances. Ruth Wilson, the female lead, won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Alison Bailey and I can certainly see why – she is amazing in this role. Watch it!

West Village photo by me

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  1. Delaney wrote:

    Deliciously Ella is the best! I really want to try that oatmeal recipe. I’ve never thought of grating apples!
    Oh my god, last Christmas I binged the Affair in two days as well!! So so good. Maura Tierney is great as well! Honestly, the whole cast is awesome. I haven’t seen the second season yet but I think I may just binge it over Christmas as well haha.

    Published 10.10.15 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      I wish I could save up the second season to binge watch, but now I’m so addicted I’m eagerly awaiting each new episode! So good.

      Published 10.11.15 · Reply
  2. I have been looking for a new tv show- thanks for the recommendation!

    Published 10.10.15 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      You’re welcome – hope you like it!

      Published 10.11.15 · Reply
  3. Great link, Jackie. Love the Apartment Therapy post and the oatmeal recipe…yum!!

    Published 10.11.15 · Reply