2015 Hampton Designer Showhouse: Part II

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8529

Today I’m back with Part II of the Hampton Designer Showhouse, held this year in a “modern barn”-style home located on a winding, woodsy road in Bridgehampton. The house features a great room, master bedroom with terrace overlooking a pool, two walk-in closets, and so much more. Here are my favorites from the second floor and the outside space, and don’t miss Part I right here

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8539

An upstairs bedroom (aka, the pink room), by Flynnside Out.


Graphic plate display and an interesting coral wallpaper in the powder room.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8535

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8543

The master bedroom by Dyfari Interiors was by far my favorite room in the house. Pictures don’t do it justice! The seafoam green and cream color scheme mixed with touches of gold was just perfect for a summer house. The room struck the perfect balance of being soothing without feeling too sweet or soft – and there were so many good details.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8545

If you described that starfish-on-the-wall idea to me, I probably would have been like, “hell no!” But it just worked here.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8553

Look at the white nailheads on the headboard – such a lovely detail.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8570

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8585

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8566

This seating area was perfection – look at the amazing, angular chairs. These were among several wood pieces in the room which I think helped to ground the space and keep it from feeling too soft, and all of the wood tones used were literally amazing – not too dark, not too light, just right. Also, I have to draw your attention to those stunning curtains – all of the little details you see are actually three-dimensional (probably hand-sewn) – there are little embroidered flowers and actual shells. Amazing!

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8571

See? Shells!

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8546

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8564

One chair plaid, one chair stripe- both in that gorgeous shade of seafoam. Love!

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8560

That chair! Isn’t it so good? Also love that desk – it basically looked exactly like a Parson’s desk but with those doubled legs, which added some architectural interest.


Desk details.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8561

What a mirror, huh? Such an interesting piece.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8563

That’s the fireplace – isn’t it beautiful? All those shades of grey. And then that piece of art adds even more texture.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8586

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8589

More texture. There were so many natural elements in this room – part of what made it so successful, in my humble opinion.


Look at what they did here – they used the same piece twice (beside each other under a console table), but flipped it upside down to make it act as two different pieces! How great is that? I love that cushion too.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8579

Another absolutely gorgeous wooden piece (the console table), with glamorous gold accents atop it. Perfect mix – something natural and earthy with something metallic and shiny.


Moving on to the master bathroom, designed by Baltimore Design Group. Wouldn’t turn up my nose at that shower!

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8595

Ever wonder what a $675 tissue box holder looks like? Now you know!

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8598

Bathtub with a perfect view of the backyard.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8601

Of course, you can’t take a bath without your chilled bottle of Veuve at the ready. #onlyinthehamptons

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8609

Here’s the backyard, looking from the patio to the poolhouse.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8613

Busts in the poolhouse bathroom, designed by Tyler Pankratz.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8614

I thought this porcelain bouquet of flowers was cute and then I noticed the feet sticking out of it – see them? Someone fell in! Very Alice in Wonderland. Also, that roman shade in the background is made of a terry cloth towel.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8618

Necessary pool house supplies.

Hampton Designer Show House 2015-8621

Nice pool! Hot tub included, of course.

The Hampton Designer Showhouse is running through September 7th, so if you’ll be in the vicinity of Eastern Long Island before then I definitely recommend checking it out. Admission is $35 and proceeds benefit Southampton Hospital.

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  1. Leslie wrote:

    That’s some tissue box! I love the pink room, but everything is just so creative. Thanks again for sharing!

    Published 8.31.15 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Thanks Leslie!

      Published 9.1.15 · Reply
  2. Lauren wrote:

    Love the curtains in the master bedroom – such attention to detail and unexpected! The porcelain flowers is very whimsy with the added feet!

    Published 8.31.15 · Reply
  3. Alexis wrote:

    Those two shadow boxes of sparkly mineral pieces, I’ve never seen that before, I wonder what was used to make them stay in place? Think I have a DIY project on my hands!

    Published 8.31.15 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      I’ve only seen them once before, at another showhouse – must be a to-the-trade designer type thing. Good idea for a DIY – maybe Superglue would do the trick!

      Published 9.1.15 · Reply
  4. I love every detail in this house. I wouldn’t change a thing!

    Published 8.31.15 · Reply
  5. So many beautiful details! I especially love the curtains in the master bedroom!

    Published 9.4.15 · Reply