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You know those pieces that you buy on a whim, and they end up being the biggest workhorses in your closet? This silky shirtdress is one of those. I got it at Aritzia last year, and I just can’t tell you how many times it’s come in handy since that day. Since I wear scrubs to work every day, I didn’t used to have a lot of dressy clothes, and this was the first building block towards my efforts at building a small wardrobe of more “fancy” items (i.e., not jeans). I’ve since added black pants and a black dress to my wardrobe, as well as a few other dresses similar to this one (yes, up until recently I did not own a black dress or black pants).

What makes this dress so great? The belted waist and v-neck are especially flattering, and it’s pretty much perfect for a large variety of occasions when you don’t feel like going the dark jeans/dressy blouse route. It feels modern, feminine, and sophisticated. I was surprised to discover how versatile and useful this dress is, and this makes me feel that it would be a useful addition to anyone’s wardrobe! When I met Rebecca Taylor last year she even complimented me on it, which, I mean, could there be any bigger endorsement? I think not.

Here are a few similar dresses – including this exact one in a different pattern:



DVF | Rebecca Taylor (bought this one recently and love it!) | Club Monaco (on sale) | Aritizia | Aritzia

Plus Rebecca Taylor has a few nice ones currently, including this and this.

I think the key to this dress is the pretty floral pattern, which really takes the whole look up a notch – but, you could also do the Aritzia version in a solid (they have some really pretty colors for fall/winter) and add some killer accessories for a simple and chic look. I usually style this with my over-the-knee boots (another solid purchase that I wear constantly) and simple black leggings, along with a few bangles and my favorite bag.

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  1. Delaney says: December 3, 2015

    Yes! Love Aritzia (for the most part). I have this dress and another one similar with a wrap to the side instead of in the middle (I’m not sure if they still carry it). They’re just so comfy and flattering!

  2. By The Shore (life + style) says: December 3, 2015

    Love a good closet workhorse and your shirt dress is gorgeous!! I can see it working in so many ways + for different occasions. Lovely to stumble into your blog!! xo

    By The Shore

  3. Alli says: December 3, 2015

    I love these dresses because they are perfect for so many occasions. I especially love the pattern on the royal navy dress from Aritzia!

  4. whitney says: December 3, 2015

    Those ARE the best dresses. I have a few similar ones – one from Splendid, and another I can’t even remember where I got it from but I wear both constantly. They’re so easy to wear!

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