1. Juliana Amado says: October 15, 2014

    Guys, I loved this house! Very beautiful and very cozy! The amount of books also caught my attention. Unfortunately, when I moved in, the apartment had mobile embedded into every room, and I could not put a shelf. I was forced to leave most of my books in my mother's house, and turns to go.
    Also really liked the fireplace wall, filled with things hanging. I love walls filled!
    The floral wallpaper the room is gorgeous! I don´t know if I would have the courage to have in my house, but just looking at this photo, I smile. I guess I'm not very normal, haha.
    Thanks for sharing this house, I've been at The Selby see everything!

  2. Debbie says: October 16, 2014

    Rita Konig is a super designer. Have followed her for a few years and love her style. Thanks for posting this!

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