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After Perfect, by Christina McDowell: This memoir recounts the author’s experience as the daughter of a lawyer who worked with Jordan Belfort (the Wolf of Wall Street). The family has everything, but it turns out that it’s all built on lies – and when it comes crashing down, she basically hits rock bottom. I feel bad saying this because she went through such a terrible ordeal, but I didn’t love this book. Even though it is an interesting and harrowing story, I just couldn’t really get into it.

What She Knew, by Gilly McMillan: A young boy goes missing and the novel follows the search. This was just okay for me…I was expecting more, maybe a twist or something? I read a lot of thrillers and books about people who go missing, and this just isn’t one of my favorites that I’ve read.

The Rocks, by Peter Nichols: This I loved. The Rocks was such a great, great summer read – not because it was light or fluffy, but just because the setting is SO evocative. I felt like I was in Mallorca, by the sea, could hear the waves…such a perfect backdrop for the story, which was great as well – unique and uniquely told (in reverse), it keeps you intrigued as things reveal themselves slowly throughout the chapters. The characters felt real, and it was beautifully written. I just loved it.

The Singles Game, by Lauren Weisberger: I would say this is the other kind of beach read – super quick and light, easy to get through, and keeps you entertained. Not much more to it than that.

Horns, by Joe Hill: This was definitely my favorite book of the bunch. I absolutely loved it and could see myself reading it again. It’s interesting, Joe Hill writes suspense, or I guess you could call it “horror,” but I saw a quote from him where he said all of his books are love stories. And it’s funny – under all the gore (I mean, only a little bit of gore) and scary and crazy stuff, at its core, this book is a love story. It was just so good – a truly original story, great writing, plus a total page turner, and full of emotion as well.

Heart-Shaped Box, by Joe Hill: Another Joe Hill, which was definitely good, but I liked Horns a bit better. No reason really other than personal preference. This one is a ghost story and also very original and well-written….definitely a page-turner which I would recommend. My Dad absolutely loves this book and he’s the one that got me into Joe Hill, so thank you Dad!

Have you read anything good lately?


  1. Elana Gross says: September 7, 2016

    I love your book reviews. We should do a swap at our next date. xoxo

  2. Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine says: September 7, 2016

    I’m sad to hear you weren’t blown away by The Singles Game. I have it waiting to read on my bookshelf but now I may have to skip it.

  3. Dorothy says: September 11, 2016

    Do you know I have been to Mallorca? So I must read about it, thanks! Can you guess when?

  4. Virginia says: September 27, 2016

    I so appreciate your book reviews!

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