Puffin and Penguin Classics

As many may know from past posts, I am obsessed with Mr. Boddington’s Penguin classics (here is where I lusted over them….here is where I broke down and bought them). Mr. Boddington’s is a New York City stationery studio that designed six gorgeous jackets for classic novels with Penguin, to be sold exclusively at Anthropologie. I love the novels that they chose and the four that I bought really add some serious prettiness to my bookshelf. So, I was absolutely thrilled when the incredibly kind folks over at Penguin sent me Alice in Wonderland and Little Women, the two Mr. Boddington’s editions that I hadn’t bought, to round out my collection! How sweet is that? I’m so pleased to now have the full set…they’re all different, and equally whimsical and wonderful.

And aside from the Mr. Boddington’s books, I am now also the happy owner of an incredibly gorgeous rainbow hued box set of Puffin classics as well, courtesy of the seriously amazingly generous team over at Penguin. The Puffin set includes children’s classics like The Secret Garden, Black Beauty, and Anne of Green Gables – which pleases me to no end, as that was one of my childhood favorites. They fit in perfectly with my colorful bookshelf, and are available at Anthro as well.

These are the three that I’m most psyched to read! (and re-read, in the case of Anne of Green Gables). 
photos by me

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  1. My bookshelves love you!

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

    Published 5.12.14 · Reply
  2. Gail wrote:

    They're so pretty! I definitely don't need another copy of any of these but…they're so pretty!

    Published 5.12.14 · Reply
  3. Bhreagh wrote:

    Anne of Green Gables is one of my childhood faves too! PEI is only hours from my house and we've been to the many Anne of Green Gables tourist attractions, including her house! These books are so cute.



    Published 5.12.14 · Reply
  4. Alex wrote:

    What a great collection of books to own, the classics will always be something you can carry with you!

    Published 5.12.14 · Reply
  5. Why does neither Mr. Boddington's Peguin classics nor Puffin classics love me enough to send pretty novels? 🙂
    Pride & Prejudice being my favoritest novel, I've stood in the Anthro line for 10 minutes contemplating whether I wanted to buy it for my coffee table. I've decided against it up until now, but OMG it's just so pretty!

    Published 5.13.14 · Reply
  6. Amanda wrote:

    I love the anthro editions! They're so pretty! I've always wanted the collection you have on your console table 🙂

    Published 5.13.14 · Reply
  7. Alaina W wrote:

    I love pretty books! Have you checked out Barnes and Noble's special editions? They've got some gorgeous covers that have a bit of an old-world look to them, and they're leather bound. I'd suggest checking them out!

    Published 5.14.14 · Reply
  8. I found a few of the Mr. Boddington books at local Marshall’s stores, and it’s been killing me that I didn’t know about them earlier. I have Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, and Little Women, but I need the other three! I don’t think I’ll ever find them!

    I did just find a few of the Puffin books that you have on BookOutlet. I picked up The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, The Call of the Wild, and Peter Pan. I’m happy with those. 🙂

    Published 1.18.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Awesome that you found them at Marshall’s! The rest might show up there, you never know. Maybe eBay also!

      Published 1.18.16 · Reply
  9. Abbie wrote:

    My local Anthro stores didn’t have Little Women and Sense & Sensibility when they came out. By the time I realized that it was too late. I’ve been looking for them ever since!

    Published 8.29.16 · Reply
  10. revati nargund wrote:

    Hi 🙂 I stay in Mumbai, India. Is there any way to order the boddington penguin classics online? I wanted to buy the entire Austen and bronte collection for my shelf. And are these expensive? What is the cost approximately?

    Published 11.1.16 · Reply