One thing that really excites me in design is the making over of vintage pieces (like I did with my vanity, dresser, and coffee table) – it makes sense on a variety of levels. Vintage pieces bring a one-of-a-kind flavor and personality to your space, avoiding the everything-new, everything-generic, everything big-box-furniture-store look. They bring soul and individuality – when everything in a space is shiny new, it can make a room feel sterile and over-decorated. using vintage pieces by definition repurposes something old, which is good for the environment. Plus there’s the fact that vintage furniture is often more well-made, and of higher quality, than newer pieces. It’s so easy to repurpose too – all it takes is a few coats of paint, some new hardware, and a little imagination to give an old piece new life. For all these reasons, I’m super impressed by what MegMade is doing.


MegMade is a furniture shop that stocks a variety of vintage pieces and gives you three options for purchasing. You can buy one of their already finished pieces, customize an unfinished one, or bring in a piece of your own to have customized. They do furniture restoration, refinishing, reupholstering, and more, all from their showroom and workspace in Chicago. They offer delivery to other states as well.


The company started when founder Meg Piercy was a stay-at-home mom, looking for a job that would earn her family some extra cash while still affording her the flexibility to take care of her son. After painting a few pieces for their home, she and her husband began selling repurposed items on Craigslist, and the company grew from there. She’s only in her early 30’s too…color me impressed!


MegMade is a great resource for someone who wants to incorporate unique or vintage pieces into their space but isn’t into DIY (or doesn’t have the space for it – i.e., NYC apartments where you can’t spray paint). The interesting thing to realize too, is that vintage furniture doesn’t have to look “vintage.” It can – it can be mid-century or it can have a distressed look or whatever else. Or, an old piece can be refinished in a way that makes it look brand-new, while still being something unique that no one else will have – something that makes your space you.

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  1. Carly A. Heitlinger says: June 29, 2016

    My sister had/has that dresser in the last photo in her childhood bedroom!!

  2. Ashley | Sunday Brunch says: June 29, 2016

    What a wonderful idea for a business! I love hunting through antique stores and yard sales for great vintage pieces (it’s one of the things my mother and I bond over!) I know when I move into my apartment, I will be on serious hunt for some quality antiques.

    Ashley | Sunday Brunch

  3. Meg says: June 29, 2016

    Thanks for the post! I love it and yes ,we ship to NYC every 2 weeks!

  4. Monica says: June 29, 2016

    I LOVE her stuff! So glad you did this post…reminds me how much I want to swap out my self-stained Ikea dresser for one of these beauties 🙂

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