Lookalike for Less: Rope Lamp

I’m a big fan of small doses of rope in a home-I think it adds a rustic, beachy, Hamptons-y touch. Serena and Lily does this vibe beautifully, but with a bit of a hefty price tag. So when I came across a rope lamp at Land of Nod that was a dead ringer for the Serena and Lily version, I had to share. As is sometimes the case with these things, I actually like the cheaper version better! Isn’t it great when that happens? Also, the Land of Nod one has a cuter name. Just sayin’.


  1. Anonymous says: September 22, 2013

    CUTE, love it!!

  2. Mia Smith says: September 22, 2013

    I actually like the second one better, the knot makes it cooler 🙂

    1. Jackie {York Avenue} says: September 22, 2013

      I totally agree Mia! I think the knot adds a lot.

  3. Viviana Norden says: September 23, 2013

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