Lookalike for Less: Neon Flats

Lately I’ve been lusting after these J. Crew flats, for obvious reasons (okay, one obvious reason):


Then I stumbled across these at Gap, which I’ve been told are very comfortable:

On sale currently for $31.96-yay!

Same exact shade of pink, and possibly more comfortable. J. Crew flats are a bit sketchy in terms of comfort, and my shoes need to hold up to the challenge of walking city blocks.

PS: the Gap’s also come in a very fetching tangerine hue, which I’ve heard is supposed to be popular this year or something…;)


  1. Laura says: January 17, 2012

    Gorgeous colours, I'd get both 🙂

  2. Holly says: January 17, 2012

    So pretty! I love finding look a likes for a bargain price! 🙂

  3. Leslie says: January 17, 2012

    I love those ballet flats! If they're cheaper and more comfy, that sounds wonderful!

  4. Erica | cupcakes and coffee breaks says: January 17, 2012

    I love those orange flats! They're such a cute and subtle way to jazz an outfit up.

  5. GiGi Reed says: January 17, 2012

    You always have the BEST looks-for-less! Thank you for sharing; I definitely want to purchase those flats. 🙂


  6. Under the Fluorescents says: January 17, 2012

    i was literally just looking at those j.crew flats! i liked the blue color. good to know there is a cheaper alternative!


  7. lacoquettedelamode says: January 17, 2012

    Those are so cute- what a great find! I think I'd wear the tangerine just because I already own too much pink! 🙂

    XX Kathryn


  8. Mary says: January 17, 2012

    I love these…. especially since they're tangerine and all that. I've gone through two pairs of the Gap one's ( in a tan color). But alas, my current pair is already getting a hole in them! I'd say go for the pricier ( most likely higher quality pair).

  9. Tamra says: January 17, 2012

    Those are great flats and you can fit them in your bag easily.

  10. Rebecca says: January 17, 2012

    Nice finds! I'm loving both options!

  11. navy and orange says: January 17, 2012

    Been wanting those j crew ones! I will check out the gap ones!

    xoxo navy & orange

  12. Grace - Stripes and Sequins says: January 17, 2012

    Good find! Topshop also has an amazing version. I love the Tangerine..

  13. Isabelle Lafleche says: January 18, 2012

    Thank you for all of your comments on Pink Lemonade! What a lovely blog you have. Aren't we always looking for a perfect pair of ballet flats? Isabelle

  14. hello, Friday says: January 18, 2012

    Gap sounds like a great alternative! but I want the J.Crew one, or even Repetto's. xoxo

  15. Lisa says: January 18, 2012

    So adorable! I wouldn't mind adding either pair to my closet for spring.

  16. Mylittlesequindress says: January 18, 2012

    Ahh I love those tangerine flats and I love gap… such an amazing FIND!!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!! I appreciate it!!


  17. Erika [small shop] says: January 18, 2012

    I saw these at the J.Crew outlet and was SO tempted to buy! They had them in a bunch of colors and I couldn't decide which ones. Bummed I didn't pick up a pair, I mean really. I was actually looking at the cobalt blue or the peach (with tan toe cap). Ack! I should've bought em!

  18. alicia says: January 18, 2012

    love the gap flats! just as cute as jcrew's. 😉

  19. jas says: January 18, 2012

    I'm loving the tangerine color!


  20. Lexi says: January 19, 2012

    Those J.Crew flats are ah-mazing, but I totally agree — $125 is steep. The Gap version is definitely a cute alternative!
    ♡ Lexi
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