Jessica Durrant

It makes me extremely happy to be surrounded by pieces of art that I love, so I was really excited when I came across the work of the extremely talented illustrator Jessica Durrant. She runs an Etsy shop full of absolutely gorgeous watercolor and pen works that are feminine, but retain a feel of upscale sophistication. Her prints include fashion sketches, maps, city skylines, vintage illustrations and more-all in beautiful watercolors.

I desperately needed a new look for the wall near my bed, and I was thrilled to go with two of Jessica’s gorgeous fashion illustrations. They give me a serious jolt of happy every time I glance at the wall next to my window:

When it comes to decorating, art pieces are like books to me, in that they are personal and subjective-and to me, the best decorating is personal. When you walk into a person’s apartment and find it filled with books and interesting art, these things tell you something about the occupant’s interests and personality. I’ve been on a bit of an art buying stint lately, so I can’t wait to show everyone the new piece I hung in my entryway, and the new gallery wall I created above my desk (including one of Jessica’s city skylines!) Stay tuned for that later in the week.


  1. Love that top image. So amazing. Good choice with the black frames! They really make Jessica's gorgeous images pop.

  2. Crissy @ House of Marlowe says: March 12, 2012

    I'm having a mild obsession with art at the moment too and love the personal touch it gives a space. Love your pieces.

  3. Viviana says: March 12, 2012

    They look so good! Jessica is extremely talented.

  4. Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] says: March 12, 2012

    I love Jessica Durrant! She is so talented. I agree with you- art, books, etc. help tell the story of the person who lives in the home. I love those extra details!

  5. Holly says: March 12, 2012

    These are great pieces! So pretty and chic- you have such a good eye!

  6. Katie {Miss Dixie} says: March 13, 2012

    Such beautiful pieces, can't wait to see what else you put together!

  7. Rebecca says: March 13, 2012

    I haven't collected many art pieces, but this has inspired me to start looking!

  8. miss b says: March 13, 2012

    These are gorgeous – so stylish and perfect for the room.

  9. LJE says: March 14, 2012

    I love the artwork! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  10. Karla says: March 15, 2012

    wow! off to check her site!

  11. Tobe | Because It's Awesome says: March 29, 2012

    Girl, I haven't been by in awhile — You have some lovely art going on in there!!

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