1. Taylor {CoverGirl + Converse} says: June 24, 2012

    Wow, this is so neat! I get so excited about historical pieces. Very fun 🙂
    CoverGirl + Converse

  2. Tiffany Leigh says: June 25, 2012

    I love this! It's so cute and quirky.
    ps. I featured your gallery wall in my post on Friday 🙂

  3. Holly says: June 25, 2012

    Love this!

  4. Lisa // Elembee, Etc says: June 25, 2012

    What a fun find! Even better that it was free!

  5. Leslie says: June 25, 2012

    That is so neat! I LOVE it. 🙂

  6. miss b says: June 27, 2012

    The frame is perfect for it!

  7. Dorothy says: July 2, 2012

    Thanks honey! I have had my lucky finds at thrift stores and the maps and this frontpiece from the book of maps was a lucky chance. I can not take any credit because the store owner just put it with my maps, I had left it behind. What was I thinking???? It looks amazing framed and is so great since its royal and all…
    The book of maps was from the 1920's but there were only london and paris left. Not bad at all but would have loved to see the whole book of European cities.

  8. Mary { Something Nice } says: October 10, 2012

    This is so awesome!! I love it! I love thrifting and this is why. SOOOO COOL! And, that frame is perfect!

  9. Ali says: October 11, 2012

    I just sent your blog to one of my work friends. You need to keep blogging! You should do a before/after series on my apartment!! And we should make more donuts and blog bout those…

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