Colorful Kate

I’m super lucky to have a Kate Spade outlet mere minutes away from my parent’s house. I love dropping by whenever I’m home and checking out all the fun handbags, jewelry, and accessories. The store is so colorful and bright, and all dressed up for the holidays! My sister and mom took a trip over on Black Friday and I recruited my sis to snap a few photos.

Love that houndstooth scarf! Also pretty fond of 40% off. 

Disco balls!
Stuffed with goodies!

How pretty would this baby look with a simple black shift and colorful heels?

Love this gift bow ring my sister tried on!
all pics by ms. allison clair


  1. Dorothy says: November 30, 2011

    Its a fun place to window shop and find bargains! Great post and pics!!

  2. Megan says: November 30, 2011

    This post makes me want to go shopping!

  3. whitney - see shop eat do says: November 30, 2011

    everything is just so cute! Did she get that awesome bow ring?

  4. Jenna E says: December 1, 2011

    I want that ring so bad, it's perfect!!!

  5. Jackie {York Avenue} says: December 1, 2011

    Whitney-no, she didnt spring for it. I wish she had so I could steal it!

  6. Annie says: December 1, 2011

    So pretty…love everything about these pics 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. Al says: December 2, 2011

    Besides the fact that my hands look all wrinkly (wassup w that?) this may be the start of my new career as a hand model. Very satisfying work from what I hear.

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